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  • TheBlackHoodd

    I wont lie I'm feeling a bit betrayed cause the main reason I've been sticking to dreams so long was the anticipation and promise of online multiplayer to be able to enjoy our creations and experiences together. Now I feel extremely discouraged to work on anything new for dreams because a lot of projects I had were banking on the mp release. As a way of maybe giving us some comfort preferably me some comfort (lol) will the new game be a creative game like dreams and lbp? Or is it going to be just a stand alone title kinda like terraway? If you can't answer that can we at least know what the last create mode update will be adding in September? Please and thank you.

  • gashtoo

    revoke this otherwise i'll call my friend kevin.

  • TheBeardyMan

    And that's the end of the line for the user created content sharing sandbox genre on consoles.

    The only way for the genre to come back from this would be for future titles to include the server software for rebuilding the sharing infrastructure in the shipped product.

    But that medicine is too bitter for the palates of the likes of Sony and Microsoft - it's a way back on open platforms like PC, but not consoles.

  • Kwizzam

    Thank you for removing the Ancient Temple & Welcome Home imp quests.

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