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How do I create a volume with gravity?

  • TAPgiles

    This is tricky to do, unfortunately. There are a few methods and they all have caveats and drawbacks depending on what you want to do with it.

    The basic methods I recall are:
    - Add a tag to the centre of the sphere. Add a follower to the object you want to "fall" towards it that follows that tag. Set it to local space, and the X and Z strength and dampening down to 0. This way it will only drag the object "down" towards the sphere. Caveats are: puppets like to stand "upright" in the scene no matter what, so it will be difficult to convince them otherwise. Though if you don't use an actual puppet object, this should be fine.
    - Rotate the sphere beneath the player as they move. You'd have to do some detection of how the player wants to move and move the world beneath their feet instead of moving the player. This works better for puppets, but is fiddly to get it looking right.

  • AndymationB

    Radishlord has a remixable kit for defying gravity. You might want to start there.

    As TAP said, it's complex. I don't think one follower will cut it. Puppets are hard wired with a gyro keeping them upright, and if you don't use a puppet then you have to wire up a whole custom movement system. Radishlord's uses his own custom FPS rig, and there is a LOT of custom gadgetry going on. Steve_big_guns has a remixable sticky ball rig that's similar, but even more complex.

    If you wanted to use an actual puppet with a 3rd person camera, you would definitely have to wire the world to rotate with the L stick, and fake all the movement animations / character rotation.

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