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Using items

  • AndymationB

    You can use keyframes to record different locations for text / number displayers. So you would have to record a keyframe for each possible text location in the UI list.

    You can use calculators set to > 0 to determine if you actually have that item. Then you can use the output of those calculators to turn on the corresponding displayers.

    The tricky part is setting up all the "and" and "not" gates properly to activate the correct keyframes based on which values are greater than zero.

    If you need more direction than that, I or someone else here, I'm sure, could probably throw together a working example.

  • AndymationB

    I sent you a proof of concept to show what I mean. The more potential inventory items, the more complex the logic gets.

    It's listed and remixable in my creations, if anyone here thinks they have some more elegant logic solutions.

  • Supposer

    '@AndymationB: I haven't checked out your mock-up, but could exclusive gates be useful for this in some way? ?

  • AndymationB

    '@Supposer: Maybe. I know you can set priorities on them. They're a pain in the butt though, so I didn't even consider testing them. I mostly used calculators to add up the number of other items "> 0" and other "=" calculators to select which keyframe should be powered on for each inventory display.

    It all looks more complicated that it is, just because of the number of wires.

    @SanFoxerken: Let me know if you need me to label things better. I probably could have been more clear in a couple areas.

  • SanFoxerken

    Don’t worry, i got it to work

  • AndymationB

    Cool. Although while eating my lunch today, I was thinking it over and realized that I was overcomplicating it a bit. I made a newer version that's a bit simpler (and hopefully easier to expand).

    No worries if you don't use it. I'm going to need this myself later on for a game I have in mind.

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