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How do I generate a random number?

  • QuietlyWrong

    As far as I'm aware you'll have to get one randomiser to give you one digit, then another to give the next, and so on, dividing by ten each time when you tot them up.

    Look in the collection 'Math Gadgets' by phort for examples.

  • Supposer

    I find it slightly odd that the randomiser is actually a random number generator combined with a selector, but there's no way of getting the random number generated (which in programming is pretty much always a float at some point).

    Thanks, though. I'll check that out.

  • Skeuomorpheus

    Not quite what you were looking for but I’ve used a jittery signal generator plus a timer and variable modifier to update a variable every few seconds with the current signal value. Works pretty well to pseudorandomise within a range. Used it to trigger a timeline for flickering laser animation

  • Supposer

    '@Skeu: Oh, man! This was a reeeeal old post from back in beta. Yeah, I know all about sig-gens now; they're my favourite gadget! XD

    Thanks for the response though ^^

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