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Change preview of published music

  • Mm dev - Bogdan/Yann

    When you publish a new version in the scene, you have an option in the lower left corner to record a new preview. Try that!


  • Schlomonator

    Thank you, it worked now. I could swear I looked in exactly the same spot yesterday and the button wasn't there...

  • Supposer

    I think they recently changed how it works a little.

  • Mm Dev- Ed / Martin

    I think the preview UI only appears for creations categorised as Music or Sound Effect.

  • Supposer

    '@Ed: I can't get it to come up at all. Some music creations have no thumbnail (just the sky) and never asked for an audio preview. Some of those, I have set a thumbnail manually just so it's not sky.

    Is it to do with there being logic involved that affects the music? I feel like that shouldn't matter for getting a music preview and audio thumbnail. But that seems to be the pattern. Is there a way of getting around this?

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