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Reflections:- Creating Reflections

  • KarstenStaack

    The general idea is to fake refelctions by dublicating and mirroring a scene/ object along a certain axis. The mirror surface is often indicated by something like a text gadgets that is dimming/ coloring the perception of the pseudoreflection a bit as if it was seen through a mirror or a water surface.
    With moveable objects you have to go more into depth with logic to dublicate and mimic mirrored movements of possible characters or moving objects.   

  • TAPgiles
    Great answers

    I'm confused... this is a forum for telling us your tips and tricks. The How Do I? forum is for asking questions. Right? Am I going mad? XD

  • QuietlyWrong

    Yes, this would be better in the How Do I forum.

    For what it's worth, unless a video game is using ray tracing techniques, reflections are almost always achieved by adding a second, inverted version of the original visuals to a scene. So if you want a reflective mirror, you have to place an identical copy of the scene behind the mirror, flipped left-to-right.

  • HercUk

    Thanks all. I’ve moved to How do I. I deliberated over where it should go.

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