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Dreams on YouTube

  • schreppybroepke

    Cheers for the excellent content, LadyLexUK! Still happily remember the Dreamer showcase you did about my work a while back! :)


    ur awesome LadyLexUk I remember the project spark days I think you and lucid stew were from there and now were in dreams. Everything is fuzzy from project spark but I remember a few of the people from here were from there. I love dreams and I know you do too! Awesome tutorials you helped me with the walls on my booth thank you!

  • TAPgiles
    Great answers

    Hey all! I've been helping and teaching Dreamers since early access, and won the Impy for Most Helpful Dreamer in 2021! You can find more about me at, and my youtube channel has hundreds of tutorials and counting... 

  • RedSeikatsu-

    While I’m not EXCLUSIVELY, Dreams only content, I have made my fair share and am working on a few extra projects for youtube. You can find some of it here!

  • Lucid_Stew

    NOVADECK yep, did the Project Spark thing. 


    Lol, my mind is SO fuzzy Lucid_Stew Idk how old I was Tbh I can't remember but I strived to be like you which probably isn't a good thing to be just like someone else but I was blown away. Never got popular though like I wanted to...Now I just make stuff I enjoy without striving to be popular. 


    I'm watching more of your Tutorials LadyLexUK imma share them with my friends who play dreams too. They're not as good at the game as us lol!

  • Lucid_Stew

    @SOLARGRID  thanks, that's nice of you to say.  Yeah, eventually you have to do your own thing.  A lot of what I did at the end of PS there was popular IPs to try to help bouy the platform.  I vowed not to do that in Dreams, and have so far MOSTLY put out original content. The only exception has been a Crypt Keeper model and that was by request.

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