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Dreams Patch 2.27 issues and bugs!

  • LadyLexUK
    Conversation starter

    By giving us the option to have multiple thumbnails I can no longer save the thumbnail image from indreams for use on my website or YouTube videos because it is a slideshow and not a single image, and the thumbnail images do not appear as screenshots. This is a huge disappointment. I cannot see any way of getting a clear image of the thumbnail any more.

  • Ryan Wilkinson Mm Team

    LadyLexUK I understand and I can appreciate this must be a little frustrating. Thanks for raising it though, I'll be sure to pass this feedback onto the team. 

  • KiocK Mm Team

    EDIT: I was actually unaware of this functionality until now. However, if you're viewing a dream on indreams, then in the bottom right of where the slideshow/cover image is shown at the top of the page there is a pencil icon that says "Open in Tools". If you click that then it should open a panel on the right side of the page, which should have a thumbnail to click on to go to the screenshot.

    Does that work for you? If not, can you give the link to the dream that it's not working on please.    




    Hello LadyLexUK so this might vary slightly by browser but the alternative method you'll need to do rather than going to the page for the dream and getting the image directly from there...

    1. Perform a search for the dream on indreams.
    2. While viewing the page with the search results, right click the thumbnail of the dream > select open image in new tab or copy image link. 
    3. When viewing the tab, or the image link, remove the "_1" on the end of the URL and hit enter. 
    4. It should now take you to the full size image. 

    Hope this helps. 

  • Nicco555

    The little diamond icon besides the timestamp on unread notifications/following only shows up in the following feed for me. I'm using the list view.

  • LadyLexUK
    Conversation starter

    Could you slow the slideshow down? It is a bit too fast at the moment, so not only is it difficult to appreciate the scene before it changes, it also creates a flashing effect which is unpleasant and is likely to cause headaches and migraines. I am not looking forward to seeing more of these.

  • LadyLexUK
    Conversation starter

    KiocK I was unaware of the download icon function. That will give you the 1st image, and clicking on the search thumbnail will get me the third image - the 2nd image doesnt seem to want to be found, but 1 & 3 is plenty thanks.

  • SNRG_Driven

    When clicking on a "like" notification---and possibly even a reply notification---pressing "circle" no longer brings you to the cover page of the dream. This isn't necessarily a bug, but I do miss it a lot.

    I had comments flickering a bunch after opening them up (can't remember if this was from a notification or directly from a dream). This was a one-time occasion. I unfortunately don't remember which dream it was on.

  • Nicco555

    When leaving a menu that scrolls down (jams, notifications), the down scroll animation is lower framerate than the scroll up animation when entering the menu. On PS5.

  • TAPgiles
    Great answers

    SNRG_Driven I noticed that this morning. I actually prefer it quite a bit. Needs way less circles to get back to the notifications. And you can still get to the creation or whatever by clicking on the creation from the notification.

    Maybe a switch in preferences for this would be good. Could you make an "Idea" suggestion post for that feature?

  • TAPgiles
    Great answers

    The auto guide change of not affecting parent objects means the grab point for surface-snapping is properly messed up, if the auto-guided object is actually inside a group. Or was inside a group when you imported it, and you ungrouped it or scoped the object out of the group. Or same if it was auto-grouped when imported.

    It acts as though it doesn't know where the grab point is, so it snaps from the point you grab while editing the scene. And it can get very confused when trying to figure out the angle it's meant to be to match the ground.

    Here's a demonstration.

    That said, if it worked properly the feature would be spot on! :D

  • Slimjim_Dolee

    Hey Ryan, should this post be pinned to the top for visibility?

    Is there a way to @ someone on here? I’m assuming you will see the message anyways.

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