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Are there any "best practices" for testing logic in a reliable way?

  • TAPgiles
    Great answers

    As you build the logic, thoroughly test that specific part. Like, make your detection which should trigger something... but instead of moving on to the thing it triggers, make sure the detection part is working properly.

    Or if you've already added the triggered part, turn that off. Focus on the thing doing the triggering.

    Use test mode a lot to watch the gadgets as you play, to make sure it's all working as expected.

  • TAPgiles
    Great answers

    Also for testing a position or something, I tend to emit an object at that position every frame, with max-at-once at 1, and recycle on.

  • Lucid_Stew

    The method I prefer at the moment is run it in test mode with everything involved exposed, record it with my capture card, and then go through it frame by frame.  It would be nice to be able to set up breakpoints.  Maybe we can?  I have no idea.

  • JackyPrower

    Ahah, i've opened a thread in the ideas forum exactly for this use-case, Lucid_Stew! :D

    It's still in "moderation" though

  • thyon

    The best approach is to build things out of elements. Like any logic contraption be in its own element. That way you can test them independently and make sure they work. I also test each part throughly and think of how I can break it instead of just making it work. Once the element is done stamp it and then test it in the scene. Then just make sure you do hundreds of play through. Each play gives you a way to check if things are still working like you need to.

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