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DreamsCom '22 Bugs & Feedback

  • TAPgiles
    Great answers

    In the book view, the right stick does barely anything. I tried using it and not much happened, so I discounted it. It's only really relevant when zoomed in, but by that point, I'd already discounted it as bugged out. I only just figured out this control after completing the entire playthrough XD

    It would be more likely for people to realise when and how they'd use the right stick if it was a little popup prompt when they go into zoomed-in mode, and haven't used the right stick enough (maybe track with a persistent variable for this)? A large icon in the bottom corner of the screen would be good, for example. Or perhaps the right stick prompt at the bottom slides out while zoomed in... something that would draw the eye anyway.

  • TAPgiles
    Great answers

    Unclear Book Names/Typos

    Edit: After a lot of research, it seems like the commas and names on a single line (sometimes wrapped)--while it still looks like typos and mistakes--are actually for when there are multiple creators on a single booth. This wasn't clear from the book, so that would be my feedback. In my hall index, I've put the name list in square brackets.

    There are still a couple of names that look off, that aren't part of a list of names for one booth.

    • Hall 1 - Digi-Sasha (comma)
    • Hall 10 -  boubax974 (space in the name)

    According to the book, some users have things on multiple floors. As I believe the rule was each person only gets 1 thing in Dreamscom, this may be a mistake with the text.

    • GRACHITX11 has 2 booths: one in Hall 4, and one in Hall 10.
    • CheekiiBoom has 2 booths: one in Hall 17, and one in Hall 27.
    • MrCaseyJones has 2 booths: one in Hall 26, and one in Hall 31.
    • PIXELTUNER_92 has 2 booths: one in Hall 27, and one in Hall 36.

    Some names have zeroes in them, but that's not clear from the font used. Not sure there's a way around that apart from using a different font for just those characters, or drawing a line for each 0. But... putting it out there. The zeroes being clearer would help people find them on indreams and such.

    • Fr0d0_FragginS79
    • Mr_Rob0t_init1
    • agent_00blink
  • LadyLexUK
    Conversation starter

    Feedback on this years design.

    I liked the the flow of multiple floors with the same route for every hall. 
    I liked the Map guide that could send you to any hall easily.
    I did not like the colour scheme which I found too  busy and colourful, which did not allow the booths to stand out. The white scheme from previous years was a better choice.
    The text displays on the booths were often too small to read.
    Like many Dreamscom past some booths did not give a clear indication of what and who they were promoting. A signpost outside every booth would have solved that : something like

    Creator: LadylexUK
    Featuring: The Pirates Curse
    Availability: June 2023


    Creator: LadylexUK
    Featuring: My portfolio
    Availability: See my profile page


    Creator: LadylexUK
    Featuring: The Pirates Curse, Gambit, SpooksTime
    Availability: June 2023, Out Now, Demo


  • TAPgiles
    Great answers

    When the book is empty, at the start, at the back it shows all stickers as having been collected instead of none of them. Watch

  • TAPgiles
    Great answers

    A bench at the start of Hall 15 disappears while you can still see it. Watch

  • TAPgiles
    Great answers

    LyzLdy is not listed for Hall 23.

  • TAPgiles
    Great answers

    As we now have "scoping" settings for a number of gadgets, the rules could allow things like zones, to move outside the booth if they're scoped to "here" (within the booth). This should mean it couldn't affect any other booths.

    Could even allow (non-persistent) variables and variable modifiers.

  • SinocTheHodgeheg Mm Team

    LadyLexUK Thanks for the feedback, has been passed onto the team!

  • SinocTheHodgeheg Mm Team

    TAPgiles Thanks for these. I'll address them all here

    Right Stick - I've not been able to replicate this as yet but will keep looking. Perhaps it occurs when you're in the map in a certain hall? But like the feedback on controls prompts, has been passed onto the team
    Book Names - That's correct, we wanted to add collabs in the Sticker Book. The brackets idea is nice, passed idea on to the team. In regards to multiple users being named, users might have their own booth, but could have collab'd on another booth. To my knowledge, nobody has multiple entries. 0 vs O, perhaps we can use a font in future that has the little line diagonal in the 0. Will keep this in mind!
    Sticker Sheet - When everyone starts the sticker sheet at the back of the sticker book is full. This is where the player character gets the stickers to stick in the hall sections once they have completed a task. But can understand where you're coming from as full = complete. Have passed feedback on to the team.
    Bench - Good eyes. Looks like an optimisation trigger zone in the wrong place. I've checked and couldn't get a major issue to occur when sitting or standing on it when this occurs but thank you for the heads up.
    Hall 23 - Opening the sticker book in the lobby I'm not seeing this, their name is appearing 3rd in the list above talc33 - did it occur in a particular hall?
    Scoping - Idea been passed onto the team!

  • TAPgiles
    Great answers

    Hey Sinoc! 😊

    Book Panning - to be clear, it's normal speed while zoomed in, which is not bugged. I just didn't realise it actually did something useful while zoomed in, because I discounted it as being bugged/not useful when I tried it while zoomed out. But to be fair, looking back I didn't even notice the prompts at the bottom of the screen because they're so tiny--so maybe that's the problem XD

    I also thought that maybe the camera was set to follow the imp so I could look around, but that wasn't the case.

    Prompting as soon as you zoom in would help people realise it's a thing, basically. You can see my experience discovering the zoom function here.

    LyzLdy - Sorry, my bad. I have transcribed the names to a document so that it's searchable by name and we can find people's booths easier. I think I straight-up skiped Lyz's name by accident XD

  • Yusaghi


    I did not like the colour scheme which I found too  busy and colourful, which did not allow the booths to stand out. The white scheme from previous years was a better choice.

    Funny, I thought they stood out too much since they didn't fit in with the setting. I think the issue lies with the atmosphere. Conventions are mostly all about hype and energy. The vibe for this year was more relaxed and cozy with its strong use of warm colors and decor choices. It felt too much like a lazy afternoon.

    Although the UI, attention to detail, and interactivity (e.g. stickers) is probably Mm's best, the scavenger hunt was excellent, and it seems like people were willing to explore more given how people are commenting about the VIP room in the in-game comments section. So I'm probably in the minority when it comes to finding fault with the atmosphere.


    The text displays on the booths were often too small to read.
    Like many Dreamscom past some booths did not give a clear indication of what and who they were promoting.

    Sounds like a user problem. It's up to the booth maker to make their text legible. There's also a first person mode so the booth maker might have intended for that to be used.

    Lastly, it's up that person to add something to identify themselves with. I've seen some booths with no text because they're more like scenery/props than actually promoting anything. It'd be pointless and more busywork for Mm to have to handhold the community over every step of the process.

  • TAPgiles
    Great answers

    Personally, I've liked the style each time. In fact, I liked this year's better than last year's because it felt like I was in a real space that I liked being in in the first place. Much like the Impys dream this year. And I was just wandering around looking at the booths while being in that space.

    But really, I don't care what Mm are doing in the background. It's always great to look at, and the focus is and should be on the booths anyway. So I'm all good. (Just didn't want Mm reading this to think everyone thinks it was bad in some way.)


    Regarding names and text, I think it would suffice to just remind people to check that stuff. Job done.

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