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All Hallows': The Land of Lost Dreams - Get Involved! | Questions & Issues Thread!

  • joeyjajib

    Just a heads up - None of the sculptures in the Forest of Gloom element collection or template scenes have their corresponding audio surface types assigned.

    ex: "Clean Chiselled Rock" sculpture element has their audio surface type set to "default" rather than "stone" , "Tree Stumps" sculpture audio surface type set to "default" rather than "wood", etc.

  • TAPgiles
    Great answers

    In the forest template scenes, the "Reverse Path" switch doesn't affect the puppet, and so when you playtest you don't start at the other end. Would be a lot more useful if the player could preview this easily.

    The sculpts behind invisible walls can be made non-collidable to save on performance.

    It's unclear why there are any thermo limits on the scenes besides 100/100/100 as you'd normally have. Would be easier for people to just not worry at all about thermo and do whatever. Why is that? Are you planning on the "real" puppet being a lot more complex perhaps?

    In the guides, "the given deadline" is said here and there, but I cannot find the actual deadline anywhere. What is the deadline? Where is it in the guide pages?

    * EDIT: Turns out it's on the template pages, but the word "deadline" isn't used (I'm guessing people would search for that word to find the deadline, as I did). And it's not shown on the hub page at all. I would just say the deadline instead of saying "the given deadline" to avoid having to look things up. And have something like "DEADLINE: 12th September 2022" clear and highlighted on each page so people don't miss it.

    Might be good to explain somewhere that the crouch is a toggle, and will not un-crouch if there's a non-Friend, visible, collidable sculpt above your head.

    A note on using the "Prompt □" tag would be a good addition.

    Probably not worth changing for the scenes now, but maybe for the real puppet... The real puppet has some heavy/inefficient logic for the footstep sounds. Sounds have built-in audio-surface-type selection if you power it with the collision signal, so a lot of the logic in there can be greatly simplified. And it would be good to have something for *every* type in case the creator wants to use them; some are currently missing.

    The guide speaks about an element that contains gadgets you can copy to get the same text style as other things in LOLD, but there's only the dialogue element which only caters to that kind of text. I've created an element that contains samples of all the text styles (from the kit at least) so that people can use it for reference etc.

    The dialogue example is very complex, and seems to essentially re-implement the dialogue gadget from scratch. I've created a much simpler version that works the same, so that people aren't intimidated by it ;P ...and it works more efficiently, less thermo, etc.

    Also, there's a keyframe in there that has a slow-power-down, which turns on the BG frame chip. This means when the dialogue is over and the text disappears, the BG stay there for 0.2s which looks buggy and weird. Removing the slow-power-down fixes that.

    The Blank and Scroll trinket elements have rulers included, which makes it hard to access the actual trinket. If this could be removed, they would be as easy to use as the other elements.

    Speaking of the trinkets... there was talk in the guide about glow etc. not going beyond the limits. It would be a nice touch to explain that you can turn "emit light" off and then it won't spill light out beyond the limits at all, but still look cool and glowy.

    And about the glow... what bloom/lens flare settings will be used wherever the trinkets are? Knowing this (or know it's the default settings at least) will let the creator be able to test and make sure their glowy trinket isn't too obnoxious.

    The guide mentions that any creation entered will have to be remixable. It's worth explaining there that this means anything put inside the creation for any online version of the creation will *also* have to be remixable. People still don't realise that for Dreamscom too--but it's pretty important to know going in, because otherwise you'll only find out once it's too late.

    I noticed there are a number of objects in the forest scenes that aren't separated out into their own elements, and so it's not so easy for people to use them. I tried to separate them out, but there's some weird status to different objects in the remixable scene blocking me from doing so. Making them their own elements and adding them to the collection would be great to show more of what's available to use.

    The "one per dreamer/player" text in different places of the guide leaves questions open regarding what the rule is when collaborating, how to submit if you *are* collaborating, etc. (In one place collaborations are touched on, but the rule of how to submit a collaboration is not spelled out.) And this has caused confusion in the past, resulting in people not submitting multiple collaborated creations because the rules were unclear. What I gather the rule actually is (from past events), is more like "one per owner." So, each submission has to be owned by a different player; and that's all there is to it. It answers those peripheral questions too, because it simply states the rule itself.

  • LadyLexUK
    Conversation starter

    Clarification on the Cursed Trinkets needed. There is no mention of whether you can add logic/ timelines (and therefore animation) to your trinket. Animation can only be the inbuilt paint styles? We cant add waving arms or rolling eyes that require keyframes?

  • LadyLexUK
    Conversation starter

    The link on your news article says the templates can be found Forest of Gloom Templates here.  This is actually a link to the elements collection NOT the templates. You may want to change this as it is confusing.

  • TheNamelesGhst12

    I'd like more specification on "flashing lights and glitch effects", as I'm planning on incorporating dim lightbulbs and televisions, which are hooked up to sometimes sporadically turn on and off. How fast is too fast?

  • Kwizzam

    I like the theme & forest scenes. Will this support VR?

  • TAPgiles
    Great answers

    TheNamelesGhst12 My guess is this is to avoid photosensitive epileptic seizures. Here's a load of stuff about avoiding that issue. Avoid flashing (bright/dark, on/off) more than 3 times per second and it should be okay.

  • LukeAndBeyond Mm Team

    Hey LadyLexUK 👋! In regards to your questions about the cursed trinkets, the guidelines state that "your trinket must not move or be moveable" but you can add logic to it so long as it adheres to the 1% gameplay rule. Any effects can also be included but must be very subtle since the spirit of this challenge is to make a sculpture. The trinket shouldn't impact the play experience.

    In addition, thank you for raising that link issue in our announcement post! We're already aware of the issue and we're working on updating it asap. 😊

  • LukeAndBeyond Mm Team

    Hi TheNamelesGhst12! 👋 As there's too many possibilities to this, it's unfortunately something we can't give specific guidance on. My advice would be to use your common sense and just make sure the lights don't include any heavy/fast flashing on or off effects/glitches. Apologise I couldn't be anymore specific! 😊

  • LukeAndBeyond Mm Team

    Hello Kwizzam! Unfortunately, The Land of Lost Dreams won't support VR. Creating an event in VR is a lot of work, and while we'd love to, we just won't have the time this year to make sure it's a great VR experience for all Dreamers. 

  • Funkycreeper88

    The guidelines say that people can walk through your patch backwards, but does that mean that they might visit your patch for first time and end up at the exit? My scene will technically work backwards, but it definitely wasn't designed to be played like that. If it only means that players can backtrack through the progress they've already made, then that's fine.

  • TAPgiles
    Great answers


    No, as I understand it they just meant that a player can get to your scene start where you started them (there's a switch for that in the chip, for which end they should start at)... go all the way through and out to the next scene. But come back to your scene--so they'd start at the "end" of your scene, because they came from the next scene.

    Like if you walked down a corridor and out the door at the other end into a room. Then came out of that room into the corridor... you'd be at the "end" of the corridor.

  • PlaidLight

    I've got one quick question about the invisible walls on the edge of the scene template.  Can I move or edit the invisible walls at all?  In my scene, I have a building that takes up a lot of space and it's difficult for the player to squeeze past the sides of it.  The invisible walls extend really far out from the rocks and trees.  It would be better if those invisible walls were pushed back a bit.

  • redhareinc

    Hello. I know this thread's for questions, but I just wanted to say thanks for providing a template for this year's event. I had a lot of fun finally participating in one of these things. By the way, my apologies if my scene is buggy. I panicked pretty hard with the logic once the deadline was coming up (lol).

  • LadyLexUK
    Conversation starter

    There is no mention whatsoever in the instructions that you have to have your creation LISTED. It would have saved a lot of bother if those instructions had been there, so you did not need to contact me. It just says playable and remixable.
    Seems a shame that everyones creations have to be visible and remixable so they can be seen before the event.

    Please add these instructions to future events so there is no embarassment.

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