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Create Mode TLC Part #5 - Bugs & Issues Thread ⚙️🐛

  • ZeckFleck

    I notice that reverb isn't taken into account with spectral stuff. It becomes really notice-able when you set the ADSR then really turn up the reverb. 

  • Thee_Red_Shadow

    For the life of me I cannot change the color of my text, I’ve tried so many different ways, currently it’s just showing the words as typed rather than making the appropriate changes. After several toggles my issue was I didn’t close the action using “>”

  • robertshere

    At least on PS4 the when using many sticker mode text displayers, the performance has significantly dropped when compared to the last update. In one scene I used to get around 23fps with subtle resolution drops but now it runs at about 10-13fps without making any changes or updates after the patch yesterday. The graphics thermo seems to nearly double with the text displayers now. Please look into this as the game seems to run much slower with them.

  • StarTheFox

    Having the exact same problem as robertshere. I hadn't edited my project since before the update, and it used to run at 20-24 fps, but now it barely scrapes 10-11 fps. I don't have many text gadgets present, but after removing them I noticed the performance return to normal.

  • radishlord

    Seeing some noticeable colour banding on textboxes with "texture mode standard" and some fade, whereas before it was a smooth gradient. Appears to kick in after a certain distance from the camera. Is this intended? 

  • LukeAndBeyond Mm Team

    Hey ZeckFleck! 👋 I saw on Twitter than one of our Principal Programmers has already gotten back to you about this. Reverb isn't captured in the spectrograms as it is actually not something that comes through any particular channel. Instead, it is sent separately into separate Reverb channel gadgets.

    I hope this helps! 💖

  • LukeAndBeyond Mm Team

    Hi there, robertshere StarTheFox radishlord! Thank you for raising this to us! 

    We’re aware of a handful of issues affecting stickers in Dreams after yesterday's patch. Our team is investigating these issues and we’ll update you when we have more information to share, on our social channels. 💖 

  • Kwizzam

    I've noticed a problem a problem with emojis in regular text (no stickers). It's rare, and doesn't seem to be easily reproducable. Sometimes they just don't display. It's odd though. The missing emojis will pop up when the next scene starts to load. Only seen it in TV mode, haven't tried VR.

    Here's a silly example where it happens with the heart:

    Imps make logos too | Indreams - Dreams™ companion website

  • ZeckFleck

    Strange graininess & fuzziness around text in sticker mode. I noticed this problem with my 3D clock.

  • LadyLexUK
    Conversation starter

    Because the <code> disappear in the text entry boxes it is really difficult to amend them or delete them. I deleted the coloured word and typed in more text and the color code was still present, but I cannot see it to delete it. Please change this so you can see the shortcodes in the text box, they just do not appear in game.

  • LukeAndBeyond Mm Team

    Hey there, ZeckFleck & Kwizzam! Sorry to hear you've encountered these issues. These are seemingly linked to the ongoing stickers and text boxes issues we're already aware of. I've passed these issues onto our team and we'll take a look!  💖

  • DDAlatri

    Hi MM - Same issue as robertshere and StarTheFox, I am playing on a PS5 and it seems to have started adding a lot to graphics cost now (i.e. graphics cost when testing the performance, not the graphics thermo) since the TLC5 update, when before I didn't notice any change to graphics cost at all. I am getting very slight frame rate drops on the PS5 following it

    It is always in areas with sticker mode textures using the Text Displayer, but only happened after TLC5 (hence assuming it's connected to the sticker issue).

    Areas in scenes which were 0% graphics cost on the performance test are now shooting up to as much as 20% graphics cost after the update, and always areas with sticker textures applied. It's really unusual for the graphics cost in performance to go above 0 or single digits when testing on a PS5, so I'm worried whether scenes I made on the PS5 might now play worse on PS4 following the update.

    Hope the description is helpful, thanks.

  • ZeckFleck

    There seems to be a bug where chords do not work with legato mode on instruments.

  • LukeAndBeyond Mm Team

    Hey, everyone! We’ve released a patch to address the performance issues introduced earlier this week. We recommend downloading this update in order to improve performance in affected creations. If you continue to encounter issues, please let us know! Some of the colour-based issues may not be fixed as of yet. 

    (ZeckFleck, DDAlatri, Kwizzam, radishlord, StarTheFox, robertshere)

  • Suebob14

    Subtitles not formatting correctly

    I'm doing captioning, doing the enter thing to split up the lines and spread them out a timeline. Then I go back into the scene the text is formatted like it would be if it wasn't in the timeline. I'm saving online as private and there are keyframes and imported audio in the same timeline. It doesn't happen every time, but it seems to happen more if I save as private opening the timeline without closing out of the scene and going to the main dream shaping page and checking to see if the captions aren't broken (they always are fine at that point) but when I close out of the scene (without creating a new save to my creations) and go back in it gets messed up. I don't know why this is happening and why it doesn't happen every time. The text is copied and pasted using and that is where I hit enter to space it out too. I did write and space out the captions before the update (Create tlc #5) and it only started happening after so maybe it has to do with the text formatting.

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