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Can I record music I make in dreams to download to usb

  • TAPgiles
    Great answers

    Use the SHARE button to record a video of the screen--which includes the audio. Then go to the captures app on the console and copy the video file to usb.

    There are many free applications and ways to get the audio track out from the video file, on a PC.

  • TXPackerBacker

    I’d like to add another way to export music 

    - Get the PS Remote Play app on iOS or Android (make sure you got a good Wi-Fi connection too)

    - Pair the console to the app like usual

    - Launch Dreams > head into edit mode of the scene with the music

    - Open the timeline > extend the beginning a bit so the play SFX doesn’t clash with the start of the music

    - Start screen recording (on iOS, a screen recording accessibility option should be in the settings app, just enable that to appear on the control center. I don’t know how it works for android)

    - Once the song is finished, stop the screen recording

    - Convert the video to m4a (or another audio file) either by using a trusted online video to audio converter, or on iOS, creating a custom shortcut to convert audio yourself

    Then after that, you should have music from dreams onto an external device.

    Keep in mind that this method may cause compression, but if you’re not planning on releasing your music professionally (which I don’t think you even can without the beta evaluation anyway) it should be fine.

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