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How do I blend in sculpt mode without adding material?

  • Ryan Wilkinson Mm Team

    Hey DoYouEvenLift91

    When in sculpt mode (and making sure you're in stamp, not smear), you can switch between adding material or subtracting it by pressing triangle. Press triangle to subtract from the sculpt. Then press L1 + Square together to open the shape editor. Once in shape editor, you'll have a tool bar which allows you to change the blend amount and looseness amount. Once you've played around with these settings and you're happy with the blend amount, press circle to leave shape editor and from here on you'll be able to blend the tail by not adding any additional material.

    I hope this helps, if you'd like to submit a ticket here; I'd be happy to record and send you a short video showcasing this! 

  • DoYouEvenLift91

    Thanks Ryan, but my post was not very well worded. I know how to switch between add and subtract but when I add with the stamp tool I only want to add the volume of material that is in the shape that I edited. Maybe I can pull up a video of what I mean

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