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Bounce while Walking

  • CLOUD1985

    You could use the puppets interface walking parameter to power another microchip.

    On this new chip place a randomizer with multiple outputs that cycle and wire one output into the puppets jump input.

    Then every so often & only while walking the puppet will jump.

    You may not want to use the puppet jump input directly so you could use this same system in conjuction with some custom keyframe animations, movers or force appliers to get the desired "hop".

  • RickyV300

    Hey Cloud, thank you for the feedback. Given what you’ve said it sounds like this is more complicated than I bargained for! I will test some stuff out and see how it goes. Thank you!

    Edit about an hour or so later. So I did my best. I tried a couple different “routes” to achieve a hop but most ended up not working at all.

    The randomizer I did not understand how to get it to work. Logic is not my strong suit, struggle as I may these projects all feel cobbled together.

    The randomizer did not end up activating any outputs or if it did it didn’t really line up correctly. Using the input to jump a bunch was also awkward.

    I feel like I got really close with a possession animator, but for some reason activating the travel button for it would disable the hop!

    ? this game is hard man

  • TAPgiles

    Have you tried just animating a walk cycle in a timeline? Then you can power it and setting the playback speed based on the "walk speed" output of the puppet interface.

    MrWooshie goes with that approach and it works well.

    If you just want it to procedurally animate a hopping motion, you can keyframe the other foot off the purple base and it won't walk. But the other leg will still "walk" and so look like it's sorta hopping maybe?

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