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Camera Following

  • CLOUD1985

    You could add a dummy sculpt (simple block that will be invisible).

    Add a tag to the ship & set its reference axis.

    Add a follower to the block that follows that tag on the horizontal axis only (left & right).

    Then add a camera or camera pointer to the block.

    A more elegant solution might be to create an area for the ship to move about in with zone limits around the edges & have the background & enemies emit off screen & move into & through the players view.

  • TAPgiles

    The easiest thing to do--which is how old-school games like this work--is for the ship/camera to not move, and the other stuff is emitted off-screen to the right and moves left across the screen. (Assuming you're "moving" to the right.)

    Otherwise, you could use keyframes and timelines to move the ship up/down and another setup for left/right. Use a timer on Speed mode to increase or decrease based on pushing the stick, and wire that into the playhead.

    Here's me talking about the stick -> timer setup:

    Here's me talking about controlling a timeline with a timer:

  • Rabagast

    Thank for the answer both. TAPgiles: I got it to work with keyframes. I have a kind of frame which I group together with the ship. On this frame, I attach the camera and a mover, so I move the whole frame with the ship inside. I use one keyframe for left and right and one for up and down. And two value sliders which I wire into the Keyframes. And I had to use variables which controls the speed. I tried with a mover, but it didn't work.

    I think this is so far the best way to do it. Very strange way to do it., but as long as it works. ?

  • TAPgiles

    Well done :D

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