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Are character stop motion animations possible?

  • TAPgiles

    Yes, it's all possible. Wallace and Gromit use the same methods, actually.

    You can use those same techniques to swap out different mouth shapes within the head, for example.

    And make sure you don't have any blending between the keyframes. Also, if the keyframes overlap a little, they will average out giving you an extra pose between the two you actually put in there. This can be useful in saving time, but may make the animation less jittery.

    If you're animating the whole body and don't need it for gameplay, you could select everything in there and scope it out of the puppet group. Then the puppet behaviours won't mess with it.

    You can capture video using the SHARE button. Then upload to youtube from the PS4. Then paste the link here. That's what I tend to do as it's the quickest way.

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