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Puppet’s lumberingness while running

  • TAPgiles

    There are quick edits down the bottom of the puppet's tweak menu. Click on run. It will show you what is stored as the running animation settings and you can record different settings, or use triangle to forget a setting for running.

    Behind the scenes, there is a keyframe in the puppet's chip that is hooked up to the running output of a puppet interface. Clicking on quick edit starts editing that keyframe.

  • JinKurataki

    I clicked on the run quick edit and changed values but when I play they still go back to default values. When I click other quick edits, there is a recording button but not for walk and run quick edits. Any idea?

  • TAPgiles

    Okay, I guess you haven't got a run keyframe hooked up in the puppet you're using then. It has one built-in when making a new puppet.

    You can add one easily though. Check this out:

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