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players keep hit like on a dream within a dream and not the main dream itself.

  • TAPgiles

    Note that there are dreams (rectangles) and scenes (circles). It's an important distinction, and will help people understand what you're talking about.

    Use L1 + square on something in the dream map, and change the lock to "always invisible." Now they won't be able to click on it through the map. Do that for everything and the map button will be hidden for players entirely.

  • sirkos_omega

    i mentioned that everything in the game dream map is set to always invisible so i already did what you said. to players theres no way to view the map of scenes.

    i have area 1 dream map that is always invisible in a game dream map but yet people are still being able to like and comment on area 1 dream map which has always invisible and unlisted.

  • sirkos_omega

    my setup is dream> title scene> dream > level scenes.
    everything after the first dream is set to always invisible and unlisted.
    the second dream is getting likes and comments when i only want the first dream to get those.
    whats supposed to happen if you pause at any point only the first dream should be shown since everything after is invisible but yet people are still able to like and comment on the second dream.

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