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Force stop all instrument note previews in Sound Mode

  • CreamSohda

    Alright, figured out what's going on.

    If an instrument (Slice Playback = Once) receives active grains while scene time is stopped, then receives MORE active grains while scene time is flowing, you can no longer tweak the older grains. As long as time is flowing, you can still tweak the newest grains.

    However, if you rewind time, BOTH sets of grains suddenly become 100% immune to any tweaks. No way to fix them, as far as I can tell. Pausing time does not affect tweak immunity, only rewinding.

    Any grains with tweak immunity will just keep playing through whatever menu/scene.

  • TAPgiles

    I think this is simply how the audio engine works. I agree, it would be useful if the audio completely cut if you exit a scene. You could post about that in the feedback section.

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