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Auto reeling?

  • CLOUD1985

    I'm not entirely sure what you are asking, do you mean during gameplay with the imp grab sensor?

    I've never experimented with it but is it possible the density of your bowling ball is too high & is causing the imp to look like its struggling to lift it when grabbed during gameplay?

  • TAPgiles

    Different levels of density of a grabbed sculpt will respond differently when grabbed. So if it's super low density it will simply match the position of the imp. If it's medium it will be more springy. Higher densities and it will be very hard to drag around--as if it was a heavy object.

    Try making the ball have lower density.

    You can't really auto-reel something. But you could have a grab sensor -> teleporter that teleports to in front of the camera briefly when grabbed.

  • datdiggitydank

    The problem with making the ball weigh what it actually weighs, then the puppet, which apparently has superhuman strength, is able to fling the ball through the air into the bowling pins like it was a softball, the ball does not realistically fall to the ground as soon as a real bowling ball would after being released.

  • CLOUD1985

    Try keyframes. When the imp grabs the ball the keyframe makes the ball light so you can move it around naturally (no rubber band effect).

    Then when the ball is released the keyframe switches off & the ball becomes heavy again.

    I would say you can rarely rely on the default physics as every game is different so you will usually run into these kinds of issues which need custom & creative solutions & workarounds. That's game development.

    You may need a combination of keyframes, movers, force appliers & sensors to make your game physics work the way you want.

    Most problems have multiple solutions & virtually every problem can be solved

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