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Corrupt save

  • TAPgiles

    Most likely not, unfortunately.

    It's almost as heartbreaking hearing people go through this. Please back things up online. Uploading a creation is just as easy as saving locally unless there's something wrong with your internet. And it will save you going through losing a ton of work. Regardless of what happens--your PS4 could blow up even--your work is still saved, this way.

  • bleachedsmiles

    Yeah I've resigned myself to the fact the works lost and have uploaded my cloud save from last week. Very annoying. I usually upload my local save online often (it's supposed to do it automatically but doesn't do it daily). It's just a pain as it can take awhile sometimes. But will definitely make more of an effort to do it daily now.
    It's a pity dreams doesnt allow a few local saves stacked like most games...rather than having it all contained in one. Hopefully this can come with an update.

    Thanks for the reply anyway.

  • TAPgiles

    I tend to go pause > save version > private most of the time. This uploads just that creation to Mm's servers.

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