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Attach projectile to target after hitting it

  • CLOUD1985

    The laser scope has an orientation output that can be fed into an emitter to emit an object in a certain direction or orientation.

    Its handy to emit things to match impacts on certain surfaces accounting for the surface angle.

    It can take a bit of fiddling with settings to get the effect you want.

  • TAPgiles

    Or emit it from the projectile, and you can line the preview up perfectly.

  • Siramini

    Hey guys, thanks for the suggestions.

    CLOUD1985: The laser scope orientation output gives you the normal of the surface the laser hits. Not good for a sideways hitting arrow.

    TAPgiles: That works for static targets. But in this case the projectile HAS to be emitted from the target as it has to be part of that group in order to glue properly. The arrow swings together with the bag after the hit. Or the dummy shot with an arrow should have the arrow sticking out from it while the dummy limps away.

    Anyways I figured it out, so let me share my solution with you:
    As I said, the emitter has to be inside the target group (e.g.) the bag hanging at the end of the rope.

    The arrow projectile has
    - a tag,
    - an input splitter getting the rotation info from the tag
    - and a wireless transmitter broadcasting that rotation data

    The bag has
    - an emitter,
    - a collision detector,
    - a wireless receiver to get the arrow rotation data
    - an input combiner

    The input combiner combines the collision position with the arrow rotation data in a transform object that is used on the emitter position. And voila. (mind you the glued arrow has to be mirrored compared to the hitting arrow for this to work perfectly)

    The swinging target will be featured in the coming level for Archery VR on dreams :)

  • TAPgiles

    Well, the object to emit has to be part of that group. But the emitter can be in the projectile. That's what I meant. Which would work depending on how many such targets you have of course :D

    Alternatively, send the scene space transform through wifi? Sounds like that's what you ended up with anyway.

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