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Advanced Mover Appears to Be Ignoring Local Space Setting

  • TAPgiles

    Hrm... hard to say. Want to send it to me (or a quick example of the problem), so I can see what you mean?

  • CLOUD1985

    Have you tried to get it working with the basic mover or do you specifically need an advanced mover?

  • xenomorphgirl

    Cloud: I need the advanced mover. :(

    TAP: Here is a YouTube clip of what's happening ( the 3 sets of 3 numbers are for my reference while developing, so can ignore those).

    I highlighted the tag orientation so you can see the axis I'm concerned about. I want it to move along the Y axis locally, but as you can see, when the user inputs the signal, it's going up/down in Y in the global space.

    I tested using a slider connection, but that seemed to become a mess when used in conjunction with teleporting.

  • fivetimesone

    Take a look at the advanced mover gizmo, it must also match the orientation, as the movement depends on the gizmo's axes.

    If the mover is not directly attached to the object, the orientation of the mover's gizmo will not change, so I'd probably put a microchip on the object and place the teleporter and mover in there.

    Hope this helps.

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