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How do I: cull objects collision inside my puppet group?

  • TAPgiles

    From the setup at the end, it sounds like this should work. What do you mean by it partially working? What happens?

  • Nins125

    Some of the parts are colliding with each other, but others don't.

    As far as I know all the parts have the same conditions.

    I was thinking that maybe the puppet group is influencing the parts inside somehow.

  • Nins125

    New discovery.
    The strange collision only happens at the left side of the model.
    The right side behaves as expected.

    The middle one's randomly choose wich thing on the right side they want to collide with.
    Non of the middle one's collide with each other.

    *Edit: scratch that.
    It changed again.
    It's just random.

  • cgCody

    To rule out any puppet specific issues, I'd scope into the puppet, select all puppet parts, then L1+circle to rip them out of the puppet. Now you have a non-puppet ragdoll.

    If the issue goes away, then there might be a setting amiss in the puppet interface. Or you could simply destroy the puppet and emit this ragdoll in the event of death.

  • cgCody

    So now that I'm home I had a chance to look at this (Figuring out a ragdoll solution was on my todos anyway).

    I also couldn't get it to work from within the puppet without issues. and ended up going the ragdoll emitting route. I sent you a test scene if you want to take a look at it. Maybe it'll work for you, maybe not. :)

    The benefit is that you can give the ragdoll additional parameters so that it flops in a more believable manner, such as replacing the upper leg ball joints with bolts, so it doesn't end up doing the splits.

  • Nins125

    Hi thanks for the advice.

    It's funny.
    I actually I used to use emitters before.

    I rebuild my character from scratch, because I had an overwhelming amount of issues and didn't know my own creation anymore.

    So I made a new character, but I thought it would be a good idea to put the physics parts inside the animated puppet so that it would mach it's pose better.

    But it now seems like that is not possible because of this bug.

    Maybe I should post this in the bugs section.

  • cgCody

    Yeah the ragdoll not matching the puppet's pose is a downside. One (untested) idea might be to put a tag on each of the puppet's limbs and teleporters on the ragdoll's limbs set to match orientation only.

    As for the puppet issue being a bug, it could be. Wouldn't hurt to report it and see. Though I have a feeling it might be the case that the puppet's collision envelope has unique, built-in properties that override the collision settings on the sculpts. In general, the puppets seem to have a lot of hard coded features that give you issues if you're doing anything non-standard. :)

    EDIT: According to Mm, this is a future planned feature, and a separate ragdoll is the only reliable way to go until then:

  • Nins125

    I see.

    Thanks for the information.
    Quite interesting, but said this doesn't work at the moment.

    Although the effect it has on my model right now is a bit rough, I might pass it as acceptable. ☺
    The result gives a close enough feeling to what I want.
    #HappyAccidents ?

    Thanks for your help and sticking around. ?

  • cgCody

    Yeah, you're welcome, though I didn't really do much. You're back to square one. Hehe

  • Nins125

    Oh well. ?‍♂️

  • Nins125

    Never mind.
    There is another problem.

    The parts become invisible when falling too far away from the puppet.

    So I took your Idea.

    And it works perfectly.

    I added telleporters on top of the keyframe groups and now they even follow the model perfectly also.

    Thanks for the tip.

  • cgCody

    Nice! I wasn't sure the teleporter idea would work, but that's pretty cool. I'll have to remember to take a look when you publish what you're working on.

  • Nins125

    Already kind of did.

    I put my character "update" in my creation called: DreamBricks showcase.

    You could take a look if you like.

    I will continue working on it.
    It hopefully becomes more and more interesting in the future. ?

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