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Is there a data storage gadget

  • TrenchBucket

    I'm not entirely sure what you're looking for here. For storing numbers in general I've been using value sliders, though there's also the variable logic gadget which works very differently.

    In terms of storing large quantities of data, Dreams doesn't really have any built in data structures currently, but they could be built (and then shared). What exactly do you mean by 'list'? Something like an array in programming perhaps?

  • GBO-Possum

    Here's a discussion about a potential "array" implementation

    Mind you, I can't figure out how to get the "head" part working, so it may be that the idea is not so good. (Or more likely that my logic skills are not yet up to the task)>

    If you get it working, please let me know

  • TrenchBucket


    I spent a decent chunk of time last night trying to get a microchip based array working, which was moderately successful in the sense that I think I now have a working array (max size 10), but I just can't see how that can be scaled efficiently at all, particularly not in a way that makes it easily reusable by others.

    The physical approach with the head sounds more promising, so I'm going to give that a go tonight. It needs to be a black box ideally, it's no good for most people if they're going to have to delve into the component to get the size/dimensionality they're looking for.

  • Skn3--

    Check out my list gadget here: 

  • Skn3--

    A sneaky little tip for all those trying to figure out how to do this efficiently... use the exclusive gate combined with emitted sculpts. You can use the exclusive gate as a priority queue so that the "head" is basically the list item with the highest input. If you have a variable that increases every time you add a new list item, you can then feed this into the emitted logic. This then acts as a "unique id". Each emitted "list item" should have the exclusive gate that we feed the "unique id" into. The most recently emitted list item will have the highest "unique id" so will be the current active exclusive gate.

    You can combine this mechanism with wireless signals or "emit with wires" so that each "list item" exclusive gate, dictates if it should be sending the "current" value. Same goes for removing items. You can make the emitted "list item" destroy itself when it recieves a signal and its exclusive gate is active!

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