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How do i ... get my reallife back?

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    alexp Mm Team
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    Thank you so much for your feedback! Glad you are enjoying :)

  • mmdev1 - John & Luci

    Thank you so much! That means a lot to us here at Mm :)

    - John

  • lumberjeff

    I enjoy it way toooo much.
    The tutorials are such a good thing... i know many tricks and much stuff etc from the livestreams... mit everything feels so easy to do... :)

  • remoteaccnt

    6 am in the morning here in Australia how do i ever get any sleep again.

  • EliteIzzy

    Had to leave earlier to go do my real art game dev job. ? missed a whole 2 hours of dreaming.

  • King_Krackshot1

    I can't get going just yet due to long working hours but tomorrow, I'll be free for 4 days. Cannot wait to jump into this :D

  • Nikidan

    my head is buzzing... I think that was a 12 hour power session. still not even scratched the surface. just wow! this whole experience so far, true MM gem. all the love in the tutorial levels brought back real lbp vibes <3 much love!
    and now I need some sleep

  • RorschachJak

    Yay!!!!! I love this post :) my download finished and am hopping in right now for the first time in about five minutes!

    So excited! love this forum already! lets get to the fun friends :)

  • Paulo-Lameiras

    Hahaha indeed. I'm at work now and all i can think about is Dreams and ways to use the few mechanics i learned last night :P

  • SWE_Nino

    I've been using Dreams way too much since Beta started, and with no sleep, long workdays, I still just want to be home and continuing using Dreams.

    I had huge hypes for this since 2015, and even thou I dont know how to use most of the tools, logics etc this game have exceeded my hypes entirely.

    Now I'm at work, and all I do between the customers is reading through the feedbacks and comments.

    I just want to get home now, lend the kids to mom for a month and quit my job.

    I hate you MM... ❤️

  • TurtlePower

    Just wanted to add some love. Kind of wish I was an 18 year old on winter break instead of a 35 year old with a toddler ;) . That said, I think I'm going to let her try sculpting today...

  • SuperLuigiBroos

    Thanks for all your hard work Mm! I love having this over Christmas, it's been such an amazing experience gradually realising that Dreams is everything I had hoped for and more! I haven't even touched Smash Bros since the beta which is saying a lot! Haha. It's taking a while to learn everything because I'm interested in all the different areas but everyday I get a bit better and it's all down to how wonderfully designed every part of this is. You should all be super proud! Thanks again ????❤

  • Bella_Iris

    Would like to follow this up with........

    How do I permanently live in the Dreamiverse? I would love that. I already dream about Dreams anyway. And in the Dreamiverse there's no pain or broken ribs. I just want to escape there forever.

  • TheMothKing

    I just found my invite buried in my email and I spent all day yesterday exploring and messing around with this game(engine), today (basically after I write this) I'm about to buy move controllers so I can get to creating. I hope this beta lasts until the game comes out because other than creating art outside of Dreams all I want to do is create in Dreams. Thank you Mm!

  • Servilletor

    Somehow I spent 25 hours playing/creating in Dreams since 19th... What Mm created is crazy, this game is absolutely incredible

  • chellssey

    So true because I played literally everyday since the beta came out ?? I am gonna cry when the beta is over

  • Dudleydacat

    Thank you Mm, the hard work and detail you have put into this really shows. It feels like a “photoshop” level type product, in fact I imagine in the future the phrase; “I dreamt this!”, will have a different meaning thanks to you guys x

  • Col_Nelson

    MM, thank you from me as well! Great job! I will sign a lifetime NDA if I can keep the beta going!

    For working so hard on Dreams, I will leave this most exhilarating joke for you;

    Two men walk into a bar....

    The third man ducks....

  • Marieke_NL

    The bigger question is how to play other games after playing Dreams, I tried to navigate menu's in other games with the motion sensor, or trying to control the camera in other games that way as well, took me 3 hours to stop doing that, but who cares, why play other games when you can play Dreams :)

  • Jorin117

    Darn it, Dreams! I keep staying up til 2 in the morning dreaming! I need sleep but can’t stop. I’ve never experienced a game that actually makes me less sleepy when I play late at night. I force myself to stop and then can’t sleep cause there’s too much going on in my mind.

    THANK YOU Mm!!

  • akcharly

    Ahahha =) I've bought many games =) And after when I've bought the "Dreams" - I forget about this games =)) I just sat down, took my "Playstation Move" and this sandbox swallowed me ... =) Awesome, awesome creation! Thank you MM!

  • SnuggleBunz_TV

    Pffft Real life.... In your Dreams....


  • KennyD974

    I love Dreams !!!

  • EddyHu

    Hopefully you've left at least once so far. At least to hydrate and eat. Lol

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