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Why am i losing gameplay resources for making static clones?

  • kemengjie33

    Is the building made up of a bunch of smaller sculpts?
    I was doing some testing and it seems sheer number of objects affects gameplay. I was trying to make a level only using a single cube. I had a wall made up of about 60 cloned cubes. I thought since they were cloned it wouldn't impact the thermo. However, when I cloned that wall a few times I noticed that while sculpt data stayed the same, gameplay shot through the roof.
    Thermo wise it seems to be a better to have several single complex sculpts, than numerous simple sculpts.

  • jon-blue-eyes

    Remember to tweak the physics quality!

  • MadPropz101

    I removed physics/collisions completely and it stayed the same.
    @kemengjie33 yeah the building is made out of a bunch of seperate stuff, groups withing groups. Is there a way to make them into one sculpt and reduce thermo?

  • Aecert

    Every single object and every single piece of logic impacts the gameplay thermo.

  • MadPropz101

    It doesn’t make sense that current-gen games like Spider-Man can have hundreds of different highly detailed buildings in one scene, and here i can’t have 10 clones of one low detailed building.

  • Krondelo

    I agree it's a bit frustrating. My scene was going well and reaching the end and last I checked the thermo was about 56% on the graphics. I didn't add a whole lot more mostly duped some stuff and before I could finish the level I was over the limit.

    After reducing the quality significantly on several sculpts the thermo didn't lower at all!?

  • Supposer

    Simply cloning just copies all the sculpt/group, including all the individual edits. If you make a *live* clone it will simply reference the same bit of memory.

    To make a live clone, specifically use the cloning too, and check the “live” option in the context menu to the right. This should help a lot.

    Also, something to think about for background-only assets is to reduce sculpture detail using that tool.

  • Lucid_Stew

    groups within groups is your problem. A scene can generally have about 8-9,000 different things. If your buildings are made up of say 200 things, you're severally restricting yourself.

  • mmdev1 - John & Luci


    We will be releasing a stream in the future to help teach people about the thermo.
    Graphics and memory are not always linked, the graphics one is based on what the engine is processing in real time,
    Whereas the memory one is just a bucket that you fill up with things (more like a bucket full of smaller buckets but I digress)
    In Dreams we don't have polygons so a single cube which is usually thought of as cheap in most games cost the same in dreams (pretty much) as a complicated shape.
    What costs the ost for frame rate is sculpts that are tight in detail.
    Make sure you use the sculpt detail tool to reduce detail (most of the time you won't notice it but will save you lots of thermo)
    Hope this explains a bit


  • MadPropz101

    I have used the sculpt detail tool, but reducing that doesn’t affect gameplay at all, just the graphics.
    @Lucid Stew it would be very suboptimal and not flexible at all to make this kind of object from one sculpt. That’s why i said multiple times that we need an ability to merge things instead of grouping them.

  • MadPropz101

    '@Supposer I have a source object saved in my creations, so i guess that should work just as well as live cloning. I am even going as far as deleting objects from certain buildings that can't be seen from the player's angle, and it does help the gameplay thermo a bit but not enough imo.

  • Lucid_Stew

    '@MadPropz101 I agree that not all things can be made from a single piece. However, I think you need to put yourself in a mindset where you are considering the pieces that make up your scene. If you are making something large out of pieces, try to make it from as few pieces as possible. Try to make those pieces from single sculpts. Try to find ways to reuse those shape pieces in other parts of your scene to increase their utility.
    Specializing very tightly is what is likely hurting you.

  • coyote_blue

    Does grouping or physics tweaking change these thermo effects at all?

  • MadPropz101

    '@coyote_blue the only thing that helps the gameplay thermo is deleting the groups. Tweaking the physics or sculpture detail doesn’t change anything.

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