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How do I Import Audio files from computer to make instruments?

  • Mm dev - Bogdan/Yann

    It is not part of the beta unfortunately, but coming soon!


  • oluka007

    Thanks Bogdan aka Madcoil aka Fret Shredder aka Audio God. Can't wait till i can upload my beats and loops.

  • Mm Dev- Ed / Martin

    Hey! I just chatted to Alex E, he said we can test it in Beta!

    Bare in mind in its beta form it's very untested, mega ugly and may not work 100% - well but the upload address is:

    You need to be in Edit Mode in a scene. Have a play by dropping your sounds in the window and when you've done some slicing etc hit upload and the sound should appear on your imp

  • Mm dev - Bogdan/Yann

    It was a worth a try, but I think the importer just isn't finished and probably not configured correctly for the beta. We weren't really planning to roll it out for this beta, but it will come later!


  • Fyshokid

    This is fairly specific, so it may not be doable for you, but if you have a mixer or similar with a USB audio output, you can connect it to the PS4 and record sounds that you feed through the mixer (i.e. from your computer). Worked well for me.

  • Subtenko

    (I I deleted and re-edited my recent message

    I works for me but obviously not finished as mentioned.

    [deleted, thought this was a problem with the game, nope, just have my headphones plugged into another input, disregard was was here]

    Sometimes trimming in the audio import url will give a static noise preview afterwards. I just remove the regions and that goes away.

  • oluka007

    It works really well for a beta but there are some issues. I can't upload multiple audio files at the same time and some files have low volume after imported, like drum and bass even after i manually adjust the volume in game.

  • DiamondDiancie10

    The importing actually works quite well! The only downside is that it struggles with large-ish files. I was able to import a 3-minute song by splitting it into quarters, importing them individually, and arranging them all on a sequencer. Perhaps try to make them smaller and combine them once in Dreams.

  • Nostic1101

    I tried uploading a file. It keeps saying import failed. In the bottom left-hand corner of my screen there is a text message that says "Importing audio 8%"- it does not change and I can't make it go away.

  • Nostic1101

    I had to close the game and restart in order to make the message go away.

  • skillphiliac

    You gotta be kidding, even this tentative feature works perfectly, just like that. You can even slice on PC, what a convenient thing to have.

  • Mm dev - Bogdan/Yann

    It's cool people have gotten working, just keep in mind what's likely going to happen for release is the features will be similar but the UI will be far more polished and probably different.

    For now here are some tips if you've got it working:

    The importer automatically analyzes note pitches per region, and if you drag the slice into beats widget slowly, it will automatically cut AND pitch it for you. Each region maps to one slice in the Slice Mapper in game, and they go in vertically column by column.


  • skillphiliac

    Wow, didn't even notice, that's even cooler!

    How about transient markers for auto-slicing? Not that manually adjusting samples is a big deal, even with the current interface, but especially if the slicing threshold would somehow be exposed (and computationally feasible, yeah...), that might lead to some interesting opportunities for sure.

    I'm really just throwing ideas out there, staple functionality and all that. I don't think that half the ideas we keep posting might be reasonable to implement, but you already have a fantastic sense for what people would make use of, so... feedback.

  • TheFatDaniel

    '+1 for sample section cutting/slicing. I'm still getting used to the audio portion of it and have lots to learn, but I didn't see a section on the midi style layout of an instrument track to add a note on the track.

    So far, it has been so much fun just exploring the possibilities. :D

  • VJFranzK

    YES! We'd love to do that. Maybe a web page on Mm or SONY site where you can upload a .WAV loop? Maybe even an .ALS file ( =Ableton Live Sound, an extra file that holds tempo, beat length, etc.)
    Still wondering how to record a sound "in beat" with my joystick... I'm going to plug a drum machine into it directly tonight. ; - )
    I'm really impressed with the sound capabilities here, it's actually a DAW... that you can run inside a game engine... ( in future, with a VR headset...)

  • TheDasMaestro


    I am a new "Dreamer" (is that what we are called?) and I am really excited about the element of music in the dreams. I am a musician/music teacher, who teaches music tech and sound design for a high school and want to dive into it more but found cloning each midi bar tedious. As much as I would love to plug in a midi controller keyboard and play notes into Dreams, the PS4 doesn't recognize the controller. (I tried of course.)

    I read this thread and saw that there was a file import portal that was available for a short time. Do Mm have any update on if this feature will be available for the Early Release round of Dreamers?

    Or is this something that Mm would like a few midi capable testers to check out and give feedback on?

    Congrats Mm people on the Early Release! I got it as soon as it launched and I am legit dreaming about it.

    Would love to incorporate the music element into my Music Tech classroom. Thanks!


  • Phreakerz

    Hi @TheDasMaestro, as you saw the PS4 does not support MIDI controllers. But MM found a way. :) If you are familiar with OpenSoundControl Alex has a github project at that converts MIDI to OSC for import into Dreams. I haven't tried it yet, been busy trying to sample and create an instrument but I thought you might want to check it out.

  • Hotcakes

    Just adding a comment here in the hope I get notifications when someone posts here (like, say, when the Import tool becomes available again).

    I'm getting a feel for Dreams by trying to recreate one of my older tunes with some custom samples (vocals and highly processed drumloops).

    I guess for the time being since my computer and my PS4 are not in the same room I can copy files to my phone and play them back for the PS Camera but boy, is that dirty :)

  • akcharly


  • directchaos

    I’d love to see this feature re-added as well. Trying to do VA recordings through the PS4 directly is resulting in poor quality.

  • Taylor

    Please. This is holding up a project of mine.

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