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Pair of sculpts with multiple motor bolts

  • TAPgiles

    When they go blue like that it means "this still works to tie the two together but it won't have the full features because they're already connected either directly or indirectly."

    So in your example, what is it *meant* to do if there are 2 motor bolts connected to the same thing? An object can't rotate around two points. So it's like /shrug/ what you want me to do?! ;P

  • Scitendo

    Ok so for a pair it is useless but if one had 1-2-3 could use a blue connector for 1-3 and it would prevent certain 1-2-3 motion but 1-3 misses all other features?

  • TAPgiles

    That's my best understanding, yes. But it's not written down anywhere it's just going on what people have said in passing and my own observations.

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