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Why isn't there a tool for marking the centre of a sculpture and locking objects in place?

  • TAPgiles

    I don't know what "marking the centre of a sculpture" means. What would you use this for? Give me some context for that feature.

    If you just want to put something in the centre of an object, first make the object on-grid with a grid dot at the centre of the object. Then you can grab other things (eg a tag gadget) and with grid on and holding the object, press triangle to snap it to the nearest grid point. This way you can place objects perfectly at the centre of that sculpt. Here's a tutorial talking about how to align objects to other objects:

    You can lock objects in place, so that's already there. Saying it's not already there means you just aren't aware that it is there. Here's a tutorial showing how to use it and where to find it:

  • giant585dark

    I’m pretty sure followers moves and tleeporters always defaultly use the geometric center of the objects they act on

    Or it might be center of mass... but I never change the weight of my sculpts

  • TAPgiles

    Yeah, they default to centre. But you can move those gizmos if you like.

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