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How do I make a dragon breath fire while moving?

  • Supposer

    Instead of emitting it, you could simply power it on and off?

    And if you'd like it to leave a bit of a fiery trail as you move and the flame "beam" wobbled about, try turning on "jet trail" in the painting's tweak menu.

  • Omni99

    Can I get it to power on at a certain point in the keyframe animation? I have about a 1/4-1/3 of a second before the dragon's mouth actually opens. I tried to figure this out by looking at other puppets and I believe I saw what you are talking about but each time the effect appeared instantly. I need it to appear when I want it to.

    If it helps, I took the fire effect from a creation called mini dragon (and re-scaled it). You can look it up and see the fire effect I'm trying to place on my own dragon at the right point in the timeline when the R1 button is pressed.

  • thebiv

    Is the emitter "inside" the dragon group or attacked tot he group as a whole? If you want the fire to be relative to the dragon, it need to be "inside" the group.

  • thebiv

    Grrr.....*"...attached to the group as a whole."

    Please add the ability to edit.

  • Omni99

    It's outside the group, but I already checked for the option to group it with the dragon and it won't let me.

  • Omni99

    Update, If I star over with a new emitter I can group it with the I did that, then put it on the timeline, then set up the fire again and...exact same thing. The fire stays in the same place. Works the same as it did when it was ungrouped.

  • thebiv

    Are you putting the emitter directly on the sculpt or in the timeline?

    Also, is the flame a single object or multiple objects? In my mind, the way you want to do this is a small flame that grows as it leaves the dragons mouth, has a short lifespan and fires rapidly. That way it gives the appearance of a continuous spout of flame. If you just emit a single "flame" object it will stay where you emitted it. You want it to be continuously emitting.

  • thebiv

    Or maybe a single fire object that has a very short life span and emits at the same rate it disappears.

  • thebiv

    If you MUST have the cone permanent and attached, don't use an emitter.

    Create the object and attach it to the mouth. Then make it invisible. Whenever you trigger the flame it appears (and activates any logic you need.) You could even make the object in several pieces and have it become invisible in stages so it looks like it's leaving his mouth.

  • Omni99

    "Are you putting the emitter directly on the sculpt or in the timeline?

    Also, is the flame a single object or multiple objects?"

    I grouped the emitter to the object, and then put it in the timeline. The flame is a single object that already moves and smokes.

    I can try the whole invisible thing, but I need to make sure that it only emits during the timeline/keyframe after the mouth is opened. Putting the emitter on the timeline in the right spot made it look exactly right, but with the other problem of not moving with the dragon. I can't just hardwire it to a button press without it activating right when the button is pressed, thus making the flame come out before the mouth is opened. I need it to activate when I want it too.

  • Omni99

    Also, thanks for the help. I'm still new to Dreams and have been watching the youtube tutorials to try and learn how everything works. I told my daughter that we would make a game about a dragon, so this is our project that also is like my learning project for whatever I make for myself after.

  • thebiv

    Should be fine. Just add a separate keyframe into the timeline that controls nothing but visibility. Then just make it a permanent object attached to the mouth. I can't can't really say more without seeing it.

  • thebiv

    The keyframe would replace the trigger for the emitter. I'd remix it before you mess with the logic, though

  • thebiv

    I forgot to add, that keyframe would also control any logic you don't want to trigger.

    And NP with the help. I'm a not a noob, per se, but I feel like one most of the time. This board, Youtube and Discord got me through a lot of what piddling things I've accomplished. lol

  • Omni99

    Finally did it! I got rid of the emitter and used keyframes along with visible/invisible option.

    I first got the effect in place, grouped the objects, then copied my keyframe (to keep the mouth open), then powered off the effect, then re-powered it in the second keyframe on my timeline (which I put right up next to the copied one so that the blend was instant.

    The fire (actually water, because it's a water dragon lol) effect still stays a bit too long after I let go, but otherwise everything is finally working the way I wanted it to. Thanks again for the help!

    Now on to learning health modifiers and turning on area of damage effects...

  • thebiv

    Glad it's working!

    You got me curious (and I wanted to play with the drawing tools) so I did a mock up of my own. At least, for the flames.

    Check out 'Chest Gun Man - Fire'

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