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How do I remove seconds on a timer?

  • ducaty87

    Haven't looked into it yet, but i assume the calculator tool could do this.

  • LadyLexUK

    '@ducaty87 Yes I know but I cannot work out how.

  • Aecert

    pass the current time into a subtraction calculator which subtracts 10. Pass the result to the current time. Hook up the power of the calculator to the button you want to use.

  • LadyLexUK

    I cant pass the result to the current time there is no input into the timer

  • davidnorth100

    Instead of subtracting current time could you calculate a new start time and reset the timer with that?

  • phort

    Create a Calculator, a Variable, and two Variable Modifiers.

    Set the calculator to calculate 1 divided by 30 (dreams runs logic at 30 frames per second, so we need one thirtieth of a second).

    Set the variable's default value to your starting number of seconds.

    Set the first modifier to subtract, continuously while powered, and connect the 1/30 calculator to its Value input (not the power input). Hit play and you should see the variable counting down.

    Set the second modifier to subtract 5 once when powered on, and connect your button to its power port.

  • COB-Commander

    Place 1x Timer
    Place 2x score modifyer
    Place 1x score gadget
    Place 1x Number displayer
    Place 1x counter
    Place 1x controller sensor

    1. Set the timer of 1s and wire timer finished pulse to reset timer.

    2. Wire timer finished pulse into score modifier power. Set operation Type to "add" and operation value to -1.

    3. Set the normal score gadget to 300 for a total time of 5mins and wire current score to the number displayer range. Set the display format to "Time".

    4. You want use a button for example X. Wire the X button to increase count onto the counter, set target value to 1 and wire the finished pulse to reset counter.

    6. Wire also the counter finished pulse into the 2nd score modifier in Power input. Operation type "add" and Operation value to -10.

    Now you have a timer which loose continuously -1 and by pressing a button -10.

  • COB-Commander

    If you still having issues, i could look into it. :)

  • LadyLexUK

    '@COB-COmmander. I went with your solution. Only thing you forgot to add to your recipe was the naming of the Score gadget and adding that name to the score modifiers. Otherwise worked great.

  • COB-Commander

    It was usually my sleep time. But glad that i could help you. :)

  • Aecert

    Is there seriously not an input for current time? Im away from dreams so i cant check

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