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  • mm_dev_8

    I wasn't aware that this pipeline was working yet at all!
    Maybe there is a limit to how much you can import atm?
    One for Alex, sorry I can;t be of much help.


  • DiamondDiancie10

    The importing audio site is denying me permission as well. I don't think it is a quantity thing because it stopped working at the same time for me and I only imported 4 pieces of audio.

  • the_gull

    Same, Mm must have blocked it?

  • GamerBrownie_2

    I didn't import any audio yet, but it says "Permission Denied" for me too.

  • alexecule

    we had to disable this feature for the time being. it will be back, i hope! in game recording still works as before. just a reminder - you’re bound by the playstation terms of service, which (for example) prohibits importing audio content for which you do not own the copyright.

  • BLAHBLAH1000shop

    Was talking with other testers yesterday and apparently there was a user who was mass-uploading copyrighted music. Not surprised they're temporarily revoking the feature because of that.

    All it takes is one sour apple...

    That raises the question though, how will the audio import tool work in the future? Will only trusted dreamers be able to use the tool? Will you have to reach a high enough level to unlock the tool? Seems like the only way to prevent this from happening again is to put restrictions on it.

  • the_gull

    Very disappointing this has happened all ready, you should simply be banned from using the audio import features if you're caught uploading copyrighted stuff.

  • MostlySquares

    I would think that with the music recognition software we have today, uploading copyrighted stuff should be nigh impossible.

    Also, to anyone who uplaods copyrighted stuff and don't know why that's a disgusting thing to do.. Please just sit down and think about it until you get it.. Then, you know.. Make your own stuff... Or use the music other people make in dreams and share for free.

    Stealing art just sucks so much. No skill. Nothing new, just your fav music... Be creative instead. Seriously.. You can listen to your fav music on spotify whenever you want. No need to drag it with you onto platforms where it is not allowed.

    Also, we're about a decade past where people can go "what? I didn't know!" after uploading other people's stuff. Literally _everyone_ who has been on youtube or twitch understands copyright law.

  • TheRealOGDyl

    Why does everyone think we all wanna steal music? I just wanna sample music I love into original beats, what's so wrong with that?

  • Rabagast

    Now the Dreams is released, there is still not possible to import audio?

  • dontgetfresh

    Hi, is there any update on this feature returning? I’m desperate to be able to sample my own personal drumbreaks within dreams for my music, there’s zero copyright issues - trying to make dnb sound authentic without layering breaks under the drums is incredibly hard, I’ve managed it ok soo far but I really want to elevate the music I make in dreams. Cheers!

  • DonChups

    I'm a video professional and I've got a lot of nice sound effects I've recorded myself - from swallows chirping to rain to stones crumbling. I really don't like the idea of using other people's work for my own creations, and also, my sounds are exactly what I want to use.

    I understand the legal problems it might cause if not used properly, but I wish we could upload our own sfx collection.

  • Dreamcore017

    Still no audio import... Man sound designers and composers always get the short end of the stick.
    I am a composer and sound designer and create my own sound effects. I'd love to share them with others in Dreams.

    Maybe if there was some kind of creator form you signed that tied your account so it was watched more carefully.

    This also would be great for voice actors or people who want to give professional sounding dialogue. Having the option of using higher quality audio will make Dreams feel much more authentic as a whole.

    I know you guys are working on a way to make everyone happy (users and other companies), but this would be something to consider. Thanks.

  • Linden Hombsch

    You can put any form of audio through the ds4 auxiliary port (and people obviously do) so why would having a real supported way to import audio be that big of a difference to the legal side of things?
    Having the ability to import your own sounds just further adds to that AAA feeling most users want to get out of their projects, and right now you have to buy hardware just to do that.
    I love everything else about Dreams but this is a huge limiting factor that should have a solution by now

  • DC

    Anyone else experience the time limit on recording through aux port on your controller. All the how to vids on importing your own sounds and music that I've watched never had this problem; I'm assuming its a new update that MM put in the game to discourage people from uploading anything longer than 20 seconds. Let me know if there is an alternative method but so far I have had no luck; When I attempt to use remote play and my Mac for recording it doesnt work all together. The Hula-Recording doesnt even appear on my Imp and no audio is recorded, even though my PS4 is getting audio picked up from my computer mic when I check it in AUDIO DEVICE Settings... Super frustrated so If anyone can help or give any guidance that would be much appreciated.


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