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How do I connect something with a gadget if I don't want to use surface snap?

  • Mm Dev- Ed / Martin

    Many gadgets have an "affected object" output in the I/O tab (usually at the end of the row), which you can use to wire directly to an object. Hope that helps!


  • Wilikai

    I found that and dragged the wire around after clicking on it, trying to connect the wire to any object, but clicking X on those objects doesn't seem to connect it. Is this because I'm in the tutorial, and objects don't work quite the same way?

  • Wilikai

    To give a specific, non-tutorial example: I went into create, made a cube. Next, added a Health Modifier gadget to the scene. When I click the output node on the gadget, I start dragging a wire. But clicking the cube at that point does not connect the wire in any way.

  • Wilikai

    Nevermind, I just found what you're talking about on the Mover gadget. Thank you, Martin!

  • Mm Dev- Ed / Martin

    Glad it worked out. Happy to help!

  • Mm Dev 6 - Cat/Tom C

    Hi Wilikai,

    In the tutorials everything works the same as it does while creating your own things, although there are lots of objects in the scene that are frozen so anything that flashes blue when you select it won't be able to have anything wired into it. Because if something is frozen so you can't interact with it :)


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