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A full fledged InDreams app

  • RainisaurusRox

    That would be soo great. ✌ Maybe with some kind of progress attached. Like it could track which gadgets you already used and how often and recommendations of what gadgets you haven't even looked at. Just brainstorming 😌 I would like it to be a little bit like a game too. Like the beginning of Dreams with all the tutorials, it fully captured me back than and gave me the feeling I really travelled to a different universe. Once you start creating, Dreams somehow stops beeing a game, the app could bring that back a little. 🤔

  • RedSeikatsu-

    A great idea yeah! The more intuitive it is the more interested it could be!

  • FlashMedallion

    I'd love this. Having to re-auth my PSN account every few days in mobile browser is a huge drag.

  • RedSeikatsu-

    Thats exactly my issue as well mate! 

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