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Developer Only Logic

  • redakdal

    This was very informal, hopefully this won't get removed, so when users ask us "what do this do?" we can link them here.

  • gek0h

    Fun Fact, since you mentioned the possibility of a "text import tool". If you have InDreams(dot)me open and logged in via your PSN account, and if you open a text gadget and click on the text field to enter text, InDreams will give you an option to paste text from your PC to your PlayStation. They really don't need to use any extra text importing tools outside of what we all have access to.

  • mandogy

    gek0h I actually didn't know that. The possibility of the text import tool was suggested by not being able to find any of the text for the captions in Art's Dreams, but the microchips with names related to character's lines were empty, but the longer the character dialogue in the scene was, the taller the microchip's circutboard was. It's possible the indreams support wasn't apart of the game since Art's has had progress since at least 2017. The oldest version I played was the early access where the imp editor still existed.  

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