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Receive a notification when your creation is being live streamed

  • InsaneAlphaBeta

    That is a fantastic idea! i know id love that for sure!

  • TAPgiles
    Great answers

    Great idea! Though you still have to check your notifications. A live popup or email or something would be great too.

  • HazedGamer420

    There have been a few times I noticed people streamed my game, days or weeks before i realized it. Could never find the VOD, would love to get an actual notification

  • RedSeikatsu-

    I really dig that idea too! Helps the streamer, the dreamer, creates connectivity and basically live feedback. Please do this.

  • LadyLexUK
    Conversation starter

    Great idea. However. This will only work if they fix the stream notification. As it stands the stream often sends out notifications to people that they have been streamed by me when they havent been. Apparently if you play Dreams within an hour of streaming it counts them as streamed content. Notifications of live streams should therefore only happen once they fix the issue.

  • RainisaurusRox

    Yes please ✌ I love watching streamers play my stuff, it helps so much making better content.

  • KeldBjones

    LadyLexUK Good point! That issue also effects Dreams Buddy, which often posts links in my chat after I've ended a stream. Seems like a privacy issue as well.

  • PeasAndTanks

    I like it! I am always flattered when a streamer plays one of my games...I do think that the notifications for that should be controllable though since not everyone may want that headsup. Just a thought, me personally, I would love to know.

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