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Forum Suggestion - Dark Mode and PMs

  • Bella_Iris

    As someone who gets sent A LOT of collaboration requests, this idea makes me feel wary.  Already I am asked to collaborate on the following platforms, which means I have to regularly check each of these things (which is a chore in itself and takes up time from each and every day):
    - PSN messages
    - Dreams profile messages
    - Twitter DMs and Tweets
    - Multiple discord server messages
    - Discord direct messages
    - twitch whispers and various live chat @ pings
    - YouTube comments sections (yes, I get collab requests on video comments!?!?)

    I feel like adding direct messages (and therefore potential collab requests) to the forums would be another dig into my time, and also these requests and comments might get missed as I might forget to check the forums. 

    Personally, I'd prefer to just use the forums as they are, a place to bounce ideas off each other, ask the community for help, and leave suggestions to Mm.

    On another note, Dark Mode would be cool for some viewers who have vision impairments. 

  • Bella_Iris

    Ooh, I've just found this section for collaboration.

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