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HI I’m SOLARGRID! I’m a dreamer in the dreamiverse!

  • PeasAndTanks

    Best of luck with your Dream!

  • RainisaurusRox

    Looking forward to this 😇✌

  • Prestonocron

    Good luck! Can’t wait! In the mean time I might check out Sky. I think it’s coming to consoles.


    Preston I HIGHLY suggest it it’s FREE too! I play it all the time if you ever need help just message me on psn I’ll teach you how to play! And it’s coming to Nintendo switch on June 29th it’s on iPhone and android as of now.

  • schreppybroepke

    Well, if you are making something that is inspired by SKY, you definitely have my attention -- that's totally my jam! :-) Looking forward to seeing your work! Feel free to share whatever's ready to play or look at.


    yeah schreppy I LOVE sky probs one of my favorite games of all time


    I will tell you when it's ready Schreppy!

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