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How did everyone's DreamsCom booth building experience go?

  • methodactor

    I had a few restarts and eventually just settled on a basic "here's some of my nonsense" display booth. I wanted to make it more interactive but I killed the thermo.

  • RedSeikatsu-

    Mine is rather basic, but I made a demo, trailer and booth so I’m happy with my representation for Dreamscom. But I did find it difficult getting what I wanted into the booth!

  • Lucid_Stew

    Too many rules, too many ad hoc exceptions.  Felt like a moving target. While trying to help someone with their booth I changed positions on a rule 3 times within 5 minutes due to information from various sources. My understanding is that if you made changes after submitting that you had to resubmit? This is something I found out after the deadline, and I made quite a few changes.

  • schreppybroepke

    I had a lot of fun with the visual design and, like last year, found the thermo limits to be a fun challenge: I liked having to optimise my design to fit in everything I wanted — but then maybe I‘m just weird that way 😉

    The one thing I struggled with was tweaking the sound settings: Since the camera on the platforming puppet is pulled back so far, yet sound effects cannot go beyond the area of the booth, I am not sure how effective my sound design will be under actual DreamsCom conditions (probably not nearly loud enough?!). I would have loved some more detailed pointers on sound design from Mm.

    @Lucid_Stew: Hm, but submissions were done via InDreams-URL, and that shouldn’t change after an update, so why would there be a need to re-submit? Or am I missing something here?

  • Martin_Arcainess

    With 2 days to go I started.

    Not the best with visual design but I'm quite impressed with my finished work.


    yeah if that's the case Lucid_Stew I messed up but if I did it's fine all that matters is that I had fun I remember you from project spark btw you made awesome stuff im glad to see you in the dreamiverse

  • Lucid_Stew

    schreppybroepke  I may be reading the Twitter stuff wrong, and it was ok to update until the deadline, not after.  But also, one more source of confusion.

  • schreppybroepke

    @Lucid Stew: Fair enough! I get what you‘re saying about the developing rules: While I thought the initial rules, published on the submissions page, were put together pretty solidly, It was a bit of a challenge to stay on top of things, with additional information appearing on Twitter AND Twitch.

  • PeasAndTanks

    My booth experience went well but yeah, I also heard recently that you had to resubmit the booth if you make changes. That was not clear, I hope to get some clarification or get in touch with them to see if they will allow the most recent version prior to the deadline to be reviewed and entered into Dreamscom.

    Not everyone has Twitter (I recently created one for my Dreams creator profile but I really don't want to use it).

  • LadyLexUK
    Conversation starter

    I ended up not submitting a booth as my idea was not suitable for the restrictions despite being perfectly usable and not conflicting with other booths. I have major struggles with the the thermo limits on these community events and never manage to make anything decent. It is a lot harder than it looks. Kudos to the booth makers who make these amazing sets.

  • DrSecksy

    I thought it was a bit convoluted to have to submit through Not sure why we couldn't just send it to a mM user account inside Dreams itself. The thermo limit was tough, but unless each submission would get it's own scene I totally get why it's necessary.


    Yeah Peas I am getting worried I just heavily got into dreams and it wasn’t clear so it was a little frustrating but Tom cleared it up and I’m happy to say that they look at the most recent versions


    Yeah LadyLexUK I had trouble with the thermo too I had to completely restructure my booth because of the limitations not what I wanted to originally do but it looked good to me


    Yeah Dr It was a little confusing for me I noticed some people in the dreamiverse submitted it as a dream and didn’t do it as an element luckily Itsallstar idk If you guys know him but he helped me immensely.


    Yeah Martin the last bits are are the most stressful in my opinion I finished it by the 4 hour mark I was SO scared

  • PeasAndTanks

    Yep, Solar, Tom said he looked at my most recent version so no worries on my plate. Looking forward to seeing some undiscovered talented Dreamers.


    Same for me! I’m looking forward to it PeasAndTanks!

  • crazillo

    The one major issue I had for my Those Childhood Summers booth were private creations in my element. It wasn't even a stampable object per se but a microchip with a text displayer that I once aons ago had copied over to something else which I now stamped into the booth. And here comes the weird bit: Even deleting it from the show booth element would not remove the creation from the list of "used elements". That was just bizarre, so I made sure to replicate the font myself from scratch in a second attempt. 


    Yeah crazillo that happened to one of my streamer friends I felt bad for her bc she was doing her booth and she couldn’t figure out what was private so she spent like 50 minutes and missed the deadline by 3 minutes i think someone told her about late submissions

  • schreppybroepke

    "And here comes the weird bit: Even deleting it from the show booth element would not remove the creation from the list of "used elements". That was just bizarre, so I made sure to replicate the font myself from scratch in a second attempt. "

    @crazillo: Yeah, it's weird to get used to this, but the way Dreams treats the Genealogy seems to be: Once it's in there, it's in there -- even if you delete the element in question afterwards. The only way to delete something from the genealogy is to "undo" the stamp, and you can only really do that during the same session where you originally stamped the element into the scene. Once you're past that, it's baked into the element's/scene's genealogy forever, as far as I know.

    When it comes to making DreamsCom booths, this basically means that your best bet is to use assets you've created as a standalone (and not as part of some scene/saved from some scene) or to sculpt everything from scratch. Or you have to be willing/able to publish everything in your booth as public and remixable. It's weird to get the hang of, and often rather counter-intuitive, but there you have it.

  • PeasAndTanks

    Update mode is your friend when it comes to figuring out what is in your scene or element. You can also select stuff from there and delete thing that are getting in your way...I haven't tested private stuff yet but it should work.


    Yea update mode is always ur friend yeah my friend Kelbjones helped me with a way to decrease thermo I suggest you talk to him he’s a master at optimization!

  • Daburcor

    I came in here to say it went pretty well for me, but now that I know you had to resubmit if you made any changes (way after the deadline), I guess I'm just going to have to wait and see. I feel like the only change I made after submitting was a bit of optimization to make the walls look better, but I can't perfectly recall.

  • SinocTheHodgeheg Mm Team

    I wish I'd used my existing assets to create something, but I'll have lots to pick from next year at least 😅

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