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Some kid's weird impression of the Dreams Community

  • RedSeikatsu-

    Not heard of anything like that and I’m part of a few individual groups 🤔 I’ll definitely keep an ear out just incase.

  • gek0h

    Children that use Dreams seem to exist in a separate bubble of content. They make "Original Characters" that are generally remixes of Sonic characters or Friday Night Funkin puppets, they create scenes called "Add Yourself" where they make little groups to collaborate on a scene and add their characters, and they generally wreak havoc in the Jam votes and Trending section.

    If you've ever visited the comment section of one of these AYs, or any of the young dreamers who regularly take part in AYs, you'll see it's a very different side of Dreams than the one you'll see from visiting social media sites (with curating algorithms) or interacting with adult peers who also are interested in making / playing truly original Dreams content.

    Do I see death threats in these comment threads? Generally no, but I do remember reporting some over-the-line comments that maybe were extremely poor-taste jokes. I see TONS of deleted comments. I see tons of drama over basically nothing at all, and people saying "unblock me" or "send this apology creation to X so they will unblock me".

    So "full of death threats" may be a small hyperbole, but definitely not a fabrication, and "really toxic" is 100% accurate. As an example, when Cutaia released his first "asset jam" scene of a shopping mall, a kid remixed the scene to make an Add Yourself, and then when people started remixing his remix he blocked at least 3 of us and probably more that I didn't talk to, and started leaving us all comments saying to stop remixing the scene. Again, a scene they didn't create, and a scene they only modified by stamping in "OC" characters that were mostly all rip offs of other IPs. That wasn't even the end of the drama from that incident, but it's the only part that really make sense without extra context.

    Yes, kids in Dreams are often toxic. But at least they have to post their comments as text, which creates accountability, rather than simply having a bunch of kids in voice chat being toxic with no repercussion.

  • schreppybroepke

    Haha, yeah, I occasionally get a glimpse of those particular user strata in the comments sections of Dreamers that are far more prolific than me: That whole "Please un-block me, I didn't mean it" business seems pretty bizarre, and it seems like a certain subset of the user base is very much about the drama, and less about the actual creative process -- or maybe it's just creativity of a different kind? ;-) Anyhow, whenever I encounter stuff like that, I usually experience a comforting shiver because it's not something I have to deal with, then quickly move on...


    Hmmmmm I’ve never encountered that I mainly just keep to myself and probs should interact more with people. I’ve seen the rip off of IP stuff I automatically assume it’s a kid. I’ll keep an eye out though I want to make sure dreams is a happy go lucky community and I had no idea this was on the platform. Thanks for this post LadyLexUK

  • EnochRoot

    which does bring up the question of how old is the average Dreams user? I still think it's a mistaken strategy to be overly focused on this end of the dreamer spectrum whereas most users are probably well into their adult years. The constant pandering and cute-centered focus really does Dreams a disservice in being accepted and regarded as a serious medium outside of the Dreams bubble.,, new DLC often feels like a fisher price advert, when the VR DLC landed it was so refreshing to see cuteness taking a backseat to an architectural vibe with more gravitas. Maybe Mm should do some research/polling to find out where the user base sits in terms of age/experience 


    there could have been much more interesting content but it was limited by the audience 

  • TAPgiles
    Great answers

    @gek Oh that's interesting, about the "tell them I'm sorry and unblock me" stuff. I've had that a couple of times, but never taken the bait. I guess they were of that crowd.

    I guess if you've grown up on social media, the world is all drama and in-fighting from the get-go. I kinda despair for people growing up with that stuff...

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