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Obscure Controller Shortcuts!

  • Bella_Iris

    Swap Between Smear/Stamp
    With Dualshock: L1 + Triangle while holding a shape.

  • Lucid_Stew

    One of my favorites is double-tap cross inside a scope to select all within the scope only.

  • gek0h

    Adding another controller + UI tip I learned yesterday while watching

    You can stretch timelines and sounds by holding L1 on the controller and then grabbing (R2) the right side of the gadget you are stretching, using gyro control to stretch shorter or longer.

  • gek0h

    To clarify my last post, this tip works for timeline and sound gadgets that are stamped inside a larger timeline.


    What a great idea for a topic. I've only read the OP so far but already I know the "box selection" shortcut for piano-roll editing will make things SO much quicker! Thats something I thought was missing. They really should give us an in-game controls/shortcuts reference (unless they already have and I haven't found it yet).

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