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Dreams In Education

  • cloudrising9

    It's really no different than "chess club" or "sports" or "music" or "theater". Exposing kids to logic and digital art, on any platform, can't be a bad thing. Though, it might take some kids half a semester just to learn the controls.

  • LadyLexUK
    Conversation starter

    Project Spark ran a campaign to get their game building title into schools, and many took them up on it and added it to the curriculum, only for Microsoft to close down all the servers making their investment in Xboxes worthless. I would imagine schools would be a bit more wary of investing in consoles for IT lessons in future. They are more likely to use PC based game building software as they already have the equipment.


    Fair point LadyLexUK they told me to update them if it goes to pc which I’m 99 percent sure it will come to pc at some point.


    Oh dang I misunderstood you LadyLexUK but yea they at least listened and were interested even the administration was like WOW!


    Yeah probably half a semester lol now that I think of it the_scudd

  • schreppybroepke

    I work in media education, and have been thinking about how to put Dreams to an educational use for quite a while now: While using it in schools seems like a pretty tough proposition here in Germany (let's face it, schools already have a tough time getting all the PCs and tablets they need -- few would actually go as far as purchasing PlayStation systems), I think it would work really well as a creative tool in youth work: Many youth centers already have PS4s knocking around, and Dreams can be an incredibly powerful creative tool for all kinds of workshops -- even if the creation of bigger games/playable experiences would probably call for a longer workshop format.

    In the meantime, I've done a couple of livestreams showing off how Dreams might be used to produce animations, machinima or digital art, as part of the specialised conferences we run on a fairly regular basis.

    So, TLDR; Yeah, it could be an awesome tool to use in education -- it just needs the right combination of external factors to truly be viable in a given situation and educational institution.

  • PeasAndTanks

    I think it is a great best to implement it? No clue. I am also working on some edutainment Dreams myself to teach people various topics so I think there is a lot of potential of Dreams as a creation teaching tool and something people can use to teach people various topics.

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