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VR playset like actionfigures but in VR

  • bojoke

    problem list things that I already notice that I need to work on for this idea.

    - Hands are not moving in the way that I wish . I never been a big fan of the way motion control work in dreams. That is why I am more of dualshock guy in dreams. But in a game called rec room. the movement with motion controls are a bit easier. I would like to see if I could change the movement to work more like in rec room. where you hold the middle button down and then just point in the direction you wish to go and then you are off and in other hand you rotate.


    - grad hands with both hands instead of only one hand. both hands can grab and pick stuff up this would be important for my idea so I could grab the puppet in one hand and other hand could move arms and legs or head around.


    - puppet arms and legs don`t stay when move. when I move the arm up it drop right back down. how can I solve this.

  • bojoke

    Still working on putting puppet together so you can move arms and legs with VR hands.
    I tried taking control senor and keyframe that changes moveable around. But the arm wiggles to much.
    Now I am trying to work on use time line instead. I know how to control timeline to go back and forth with timer and calculator I seen it done before on YouTube. I use a trigger zone on each side on a cube so when I move cube right the arm move up and if I move the cube left the arm move down. My plan is to do that on upper part of arm. And lower part on arm will also have a gear set that move it around.

    I need to figure out how to get gears to only show up when imp is hovering over a part then just that gear is useable and move to next one the that gear show up to control that part. Still going to keep trying in tell I get it.

    I find a good template for VR hands that grab with both hands.

  • bojoke

    Update on my project. I am getting closer to having a puppet that can be posed in play mode . My gear idea was drop after I did some more experiments . And discover something I never noticed in the control senor. The motion senor and the splitters to get first A,B,C and then positive and negative to control the timeline I setup. I then

     stick rotator on the puppet So you would be able to turn him in your VR hand.

    I still did not work the VR character yet. I wanted to finish up on VR puppet which would be the doll you could pick up first. When I move forward to VR character my set of goals will then be.
    - get the VR hands to pick up two puppets. This might of already been done with a template I find .

    - pickup one puppet and the then with other hand pose his arms and legs around.

    - see if VR character can bend over to pick something up.

    After that Then I will begin working on the details. I have not full decided which design I should go with . But I been thinking of FNAF because it very popular with the kids. Anther idea would DBZ. But I am still thinking on that. I still got to get though the logic work first .

  • bojoke

    Some times I guess you just have to use your own logic skills to get it done. Today I was really excited to try out a template of VR hands that can grab with right and left. But the logic was way to advance for me to understand . There was calculator and calculator after calculator doing who knows what. And I could not tell what made the grab function work. I look all day and could not figure out how it work.

    But then I played around with my own skill to what I Know would work for me and what I remember what work with a puppet was a tag and follower. I put a tag on left hand and a follower on object I wish to grab. And bingo it work all that over thinking. Grabbing from a distance look like you have a real a magnet on your hand . But I think I could clean that up with trigger zone and a keyframe that pose the hand. I always been a big defender of using other people logic but in the end I find it easier to use your own logic skills in dreams .

  • bojoke

    Hello everybody today I want to share anther update on how my project is going. Will I am still trying to get my grab mechanic right . I got my logic place on a FNAF remixes . Still working on all the little problem 


  • bojoke

    So now the grab mechanic seem to work will with a teleport gadget. But still getting the bugs out.
    -The hand still is not place right.
    - the VR character turn over and get turn up side down
    - some time I grab more then one character
    But I am still confident I can figure this out. Maybe once I get pass the logic part . Other VR playset that I plan to build like DBZ and mighty max will be easier. I did master moving object on to puppet to help fill in the details faster.

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