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How do I Submit Megapenguin rehached levels

  • HazedGamer420

    Did you make sure you released the scene as remixable?

  • LukeAndBeyond Mm Team

    Hey, Kingocat 👋 I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing problems submitting your Megapenguin Rehatched level. Firstly, could you make sure it's a creation which is a self-contained scene, which is remixable? 

    If so, please could you try re-submitting your creation's link on our challenge page here: ?

    Let me know how you get on!

  • LukeAndBeyond Mm Team

    Hi, HazedGamer 👋. Yes, your level needs to be a self-contained scene which is remixable. Remember, if you don't want your level to be found by the Dreamiverse yet, you can also publish it as unlisted. This will mean that your level will not appear in search results on DreamSurfing.

    Don't forget to check out our Megapenguin Rehatched creator guidelines for more details: 

  • Kingocat

    Thanks for the help. Hmmm... Seems it still doesn't work, though i have No idea what a self contained scene is. maybe thats the problem?

  • LukeAndBeyond Mm Team

    Sorry to hear this, Kingocat! Please could you raise a ticket and send us some screenshots of the problem you're encountering, so we can have a look into it further? 

    To clarify, by a "self-contained scene" we mean that your level needs to start and finish within one scene creation.

  • Kingocat

    Thanks. I have sent in a ticket now

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