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GUI transparency

  • TAPgiles
    Great answers

    Oh interesting... I thought only old plasmas had that problem. I thought we'd moved past this XD

    Dreams actually has a number of things in place to help with this. Icons that are there "permanently" shift around over time. For example, the watermark in the bottom-right (which you can turn off anyway) moves around to make sure there's no burn in. And the colours and position and glowy shadow things of buttons (including the puzzle piece) keep shifting and moving.

    Do you know of anyone getting burn in from Dreams from that kind of thing? If this is still a problem, I'm sure a photo of a Dreamified TV would drive the point home! :D

  • BasketSnake

    I'm fully aware of all of this. Curly_27 ruined his oled from the puzzle piece. That's reason enough for me to raise the issue whether his TV is an older model or not.

  • JackyPrower

    Yes! I routinely switch between upper and lower menu position, but the puzzle piece really stays fixed 100% of the time, and with Dreams being a huge time sink in itself, it's only a matter of time before the worst happens on oled or plasma tvs. It would be best to turn off, but i think even an opacity toggle (with the icon gaining 100% opacity on imp-hover) would be a BIG improvement

  • BasketSnake

    Pretty please.

  • BasketSnake

    Please add option to tweak GUI/HUD transparency. How hard can it be?

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