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#DreamsCom21 - Discussion Thread!

  • InsaneAlphaBeta

    Hi! The subtitles in my booth, aswell as other booths seems broken!


  • MrCaseyJones

    Don't think this is specifically Dreamscom, noticed this outside of Dreamscom, but when using the subtitle gadget and adjusting the timing between a line-break in a timeline, AND when collaborating with someone in the UK from the US (only example I have) it will ignore the line break adjustment in the timeline and display as an entire block (pictured). 

  • danikaka


    I had a button in my booth that triggers an ambulance crashing through the wall.

    I noticed that he button was removed and the ambulance does not trigger anymore.

    Is the problem with the "Free PS5" sign ? if so , can it be renamed to "Free Candy" instead rather than taking out the ambulance animation with it?

    The ambulance was supposed to be the highlight of the booth.




  • cutaia_net

    Think MM would do me a favor and just take the subtitles out of my booth altogether.  I hate it so much.

    Edit:  I guess I should be more specific.  I'm also having the walls of text.  And if they can't be properly fixed, I'd prefer no subtitles at all to this.

  • InsaneAlphaBeta

    Yeah I'm also fine with my booths subtitles being removed lol

  • Afroman4peace

    Sadly my booth is slidely broken.. Some parts like the button for the hidden door shifted. 

    Another thing that happened is that a column is stuck in the tree now.   

  • TAPgiles
    Great answers

    Ooh, the plot thickens, with the way text languages are stored. Oof.

  • DrSecksy

    I know it's super late, but would it be possible to have usernames added to our boothes? I didn't put my name on mine (I assumed they would be labelled or marked in some way)

  • QuietlyWrong

    I didn't see any problems with the subtitles on ApesOnFire's or InsaneAlphaBeta's booths when I visited in person.

    Is it a UK-region thing? (i.e. it's fine in the UK region, where the Mm folks operate, putting booths into DreamsCom halls, but not elsewhere)

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