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Tiki Pona VR Experience

  • MagicGio96

    What would the game be like?

  • x12r13

    First step: Some kind of tutorial Level 1.

    You have to solve simple "tabletop puzzles" using tiki pona glyph instructions.

    For example: A little scenery -
    Move a yellow Ball ("a Sun") in a way that (cave painting style) a group of people is in the shadow of a tree.

    If you manage this a door opens.

    I think of dividing the work into small tasks with "Level of Detail" Library
    1) A standardized glyph presentation. Eg monoliths, with grass symbols (easy to paint). In "game draft mode" we can start with a native text panel and replace the object later by a finer detailed version.

    After the first level we stick on context / symbols, without using "written text". this should be possible since tiki pona is a "full language" by itself.

    When you finish the game you should be able to communicate in tiki pona, regardless of your native language.

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