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Prize Bubbles Useful?

  • bojoke

    I think it a cool part of dreams to. I wonder if there a tag for this so we can find all games that have prize bubbles.

  • thyon

    Unfortunately you can’t just collect them, which would be cool and save a lot of variables and gameplay. Each one requires a completely unique sculpt or element linked to it to be one time collectible. They also reappear on replay but just without the blurry element preview inside them, which makes it hard to see if it was collected or not. 

  • bojoke

    I look and found a Prize bubble tag. It hidden behind the A -z tag. Where their alot more tags I never knew was there. When you click the number that show how many prize bubble you collected . Which does not show up in tell you get alest one. It show you which scene you did not find them yet and how many more in that dream you need to get .

  • TheRealGD2X

    How did they get them so right in LBP, yet so wrong in Dreams? 

  • TAPgiles
    Great answers

    thyon You can just collect them. By default, if a possessed object bumps into them, they pop and are collected. You can also set it to collect when clicked on by the imp, etc. And even manually trigger collection with a signal into an input.

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